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Glucose Can Lead to Low Testosterone?



np going to make 500 deadlift pr 5 reps after 80 grams of sugar from fruits (fructose) thanks for your info!


Hell yeah dude. Kill it.


Explain to me how this would actually happen.

Like, walk me through a play by play of how you’d end up inadvertently eating an entire large bag of oranges right before bed.



myfitnesspal says total daily intake of sugar 89. all of that was from 1 serving of frozen papaya, 2 servings of frozen strawberries and almost two servings of bananas


The sugar in fruit is not all fructose. It’s insanely difficult to overeat fructose from fruit, despite what the internet experts will tell you.

Fruit is good for you. Eat as much as you want.


That’s total daily.

You jump from a study that challenges the metabolism to measure a specific effect to 80 grams of sugar from fruit right before bed to total daily intake?

Buddy that isn’t apples to oranges, that’s apples to alien life forms.



yeah because like i said in my other post. i was confused on that fruits are both fructose and glucose and always thought tol much sugar from fruit could lead to bad health. my bad guys. now i know i can eat as much fruit as i want in one sitting and all the sugar from it no matter the time of the day and be ok and healthy. sorry i got confused and learned something new.

sorry for my english



thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:


You didn’t even look at that chart I posted with the metabolic values of different types of fruits, did you?


Post # 9 from this thread.



after reading it says if you’re trying to lose weight or are insulin resistant. from what i know to know if you’re insulin resistant you need to check glucose levels and tryglicerides.

my glucose from 10 hours fast and blood test in the morning was at 79 from range of 70-99

tryglycerides 55 from range of 50-200

both seems to be normal.

im not overweight. im 6’2” 155


Look at the fucking numbers.

You seem to be they type of person that information of any type simply can not be conveyed to.

Good luck, and may God have mercy on your soul.



but i read the table and saw the glucose and fructose from fruits to be diferent. i understood that. thanks and sorry :frowning:


It’s OK dude. I’ve literally talked a guy down from a homicidal drunken rage wherein he had his wife locked in a closet and was about to murder her with a hammer. They’re both healthy and thriving, well adjusted (as well as can be expected, anyways) people now.

But this fruit thing. It really fucks with me. :slight_smile:


You know what = more glucose than fruit? Rice. Also potatoes. Pasta. Oatmeal.



again sorry im just a bit brained washed by the internet saying that limit fruit intake because of too much sugar. but after research i now know its not that and like the post above says, rice also contains a lot of glucose. but since i read all of this and after seeing i have good levels of glucose im gold



good study i also just read about all of this.


You can’t EAT too much fruit

You can totally DRINK too much fruit, in smoothies or blends or whatever allows you to bypass satiation

Fruitarians and vegans have great health? Yeah well no