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Glucose Can Lead to Low Testosterone?


Trillions of people and other life forms have brought us to this point in history by eating fruits and vegetables.

Why can’t you?

I mean literally before we even took the form of hominid, us, as scurrying little creatures would run around eating bugs, berries, and any other calorie containing little tidbits including fruit.

You know what changed? The internet.

Three hundred million years, everything was hunky dory. Then comes the internet.

Now people can’t eat fruit.

How in the hell did that happen?


So 3900MA the mechanism to utilize glycolisys appears.

Show me where on that time line it says we need to stop.


if you are insulin resistant/overfat or inactive then I would not recommend eating 75 grams of glucose, fructose or any other -ose at one time. A sedentary person eating 75 grams of glucose from fruit, sugar or fast glucose polymers like rice or potatoes can get high blood sugars in the 2 hour period after eating that much glucose which causes lots of health problems. Acute activity negates those issues. So does being generally leaner and active.


what about people who does IF? how exactly do i know if im insulin resistant? right now im trying to figure out why i have low t at 2.5 free and 187 total. also with low igf1 and high shbg. my diet contains 400 cabrs 90 fats and 155 protein. i feel tired all day. i eat the majority of one meal in one sitting which contains 1800 calories about 75 sugar from fruits and veggies. could all that lead to next day feeling like shit?


true. im guessing im overthinking. im trying to figure out if my diet is my health problem


75 grams of daily sugar is doing “pretty well”, especially if it is from whole fruit . What is your typical large meal like? There are a few things that are known to lower test, and some things that can lower it if you don’t eat them.

High omega-6 intake can lower test. So can some grains and other plant based foods for people who are sensitive to them (anything that is inflammatory is going to trigger a release of cotisol).

Low vitamin D, low cholesterol intake, low red meat.

Poor sleep can tank test. I was getting poor sleep due to excess caffeine, and since cutting it have been sleeping 1000x better and test has come up (I am going to do a third test on thursday but it is up and rising.

Low fat and chronic low carb/glucose load diets have both been shown to lower testosterone.


thanks mate!
6’2’’ weight 154, currently bulking.
5/3/1 beginners, 3 days a week full body, 30 ish hours standing and a bit of walking in a retailer (job), 1 hour walk when i can.
currently aiming for 3k everyday, even on sedentary days. (dont know if this is adviced)


protein: chicken salmon ground beef eggs
carbs: rice, potato, sweet potato pasta oats bread
veggies: carrots broc**** cauliflour onion spinach
fruits: papaya strawberry banana and avocado (50 grams to be exact)
fats: pb coconut oil butter (natural) cheese cashews and avocado


oats, eggs (styr fried), coffee

lunch: pasta with chicken and cheese or rice with chicken and spinach.

dinner: either sweet potato or red potato with salmon or ground beef and 2-3 servings of veggies

before bed: 4 slices of bread, banana, papaya, strawberry, pb and some cashews.


protein: 155
carbs: 380
fats: around 95

i always have runny nose after eating anything

sleep. 7-8 hours waking up to pee once or twice and not falling to sleep for 10 min after


The guys behind those kind of videos are such massive frauds, I’m wondering what their agenda is.


Jeff who?



The bottom line is to remember is that, while carbohydrate isn’t an essential macronutrient, the body will always produce glucose even on zero carb diets through gluconeogenesis. Now does that mean consuming additional glucose is bad for T levels? I think that’s incredibly hard to answer. Plenty of folks on long-term carnivore claim they can sustain healthy T levels (as well as thyroid, etc) on zero carbs. Of course, when you are insulin-resistant consuming it is unlikely to do you many favours. I would take my lead from blood glucose measurements: if your levels are in a mess then bin it. Once you’ve healed your liver, they can be reintroduced in moderation. Then worry about T levels later.


i just saw my tryglycerides on normal range and have done blood sugar and came back normal.


Well, I would probably have my own interpretation of what constitutes ‘normal’ but for the purposes of discussion you have earned a pass to consume some fructose!


Lmao Lustig is dangerous and a fraud. The appeal to authority isn’t going to work…


Every. Single. Time. I ask one of the guys on the T-replacement forums what they’re eating - they’re on a low carb diet. Dead scared of whole fruit and tubers/roots. It’s amazing.



but i just posted my diet with 400 carbs containing 75 grams of sugarz


So your T is through the floor, and you’re worried about sugar?

Have you checked your balls?

Cuz if my T was through the floor I wouldn’t be worried about fruit. I’d be worried about my balls.

Not trying to make light of your situation. You have a legit medical condition, and I wish you the best in resolving it.

Just anecdotal, but maybe try :kiwi_fruit: kiwi. A couple of those at lunch and I’m ready to drill holes in rock. The wife hates 'em.



thanks for your time mate. altho its not my balls because i have low lh, fsh and low testo indicating my balls is producing but my pituitary is wrecked. hehe need to get some info about test :P?


You know what does raise blood sugar AND cortisol? Stress. Like the kind you experience when you worry about whether or not eating 75g of sugar will destroy your health.

One giant factor that no one’s mentioned yet is genetics. Some people will be negatively affected by small amounts of sugar, while others will have no negative effects.


In all my years, I have never known one person who got fat, or unhealthy, from eating too much fruit. Have you?

What sounds familiar from an overweight person:

“Man, I just ate a whole pizza last night. I lost my self control.”

“I can’t believe I finished off the whole bag of Doritos. No wonder I’m not seeing progress on my workouts.”

“What the hell? I just ate 6 bananas, 5 apples, and 11 kiwis last night. No wonder my T is so low, and I’m 300 pounds.”