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Glucose Can Lead to Low Testosterone?

just read this study showing glucose could lead to being unhealthy, even from fruits. how can people eat so much sugar and stay healthy?

Who specifically are these people and how much sugar are they eating?

The study is saying don’t eat before having a blood screening, as the glucose could show lowered test levels. It doesn’t say don’t eat fruit.


Well that does it. No more 75g of glucose at a time for me!


but imi thought sugar from fruit is part of glucose? so that sugar could lower t?

i think around 75g

You’ve answered none of my question.

Lifting weights lowers testosterone if the blood being drawn is taken right after exercise. You read the headline in the study and extrapolated incorrectly. Glucose isn’t necessarily healthy, but drawing the conclusion that fruit is unhealthy from this study is almost like saying ice cream sales are directly linked to shark attacks.


You have to look up some of the tables with the sugar content and quantities per amount to understand that although not impossible, it is highly unlikely that anybody can eat a damaging amount of fruit.

Tables like this:

so to be clear, im safe to actually eat 75 grams of sugar (carbs) from fruits? lets say banana or apples?

i get you know. sorry for misinterpreting this

dont know who they are.

That is because they don’t exist.

Youd have to eat 1.5kg of bananas and 3.some kg of apples to get 75g of glucose.

Why would you even ask that?

Are you fucking with us?

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Eating 500+ grams of net carbs, sourdough buckwheat and tubers alongside 6 bananas+2apple+pint of orange juice+coconut milk+2kiwis per day here

That’s (sucrose+fructose combined) 140g of sugar

Glucose (and carbs in general) being avoided by a lifter usually signals the lifter’s lack of comprehension of their own body biochemistry, that and the lack of comprehension of studies which in and of itself plagues most of the wannabe-smart internet bros

13% of the 74 men were newly diagnosed with type II diabetes, Jesus…

guys im not joking. im eating 75 grams of sugar from natural sources like fruits and veggies and was wondering if this is unhealthy

jef jeopardy talking sugar leads to low t. stating that even from fruits could harm us