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Glucose 2 Hour Test Review


Does anybody know if my test result are good. I have done 2 hr oral glucose test in order to find out if I have PCOS. Im female 33. I have problem to lose weight. Does it means everyth is ok ? I see that second measurement is so high. im not diabetic.

Testosterone free < 0.2 pg/ml norma 0.0 - 2.2
Insulin fasting 3.7 uIU// ml norma 2.6 - 24.9

Glucose fasting 87 mg/dl norma 65-99
after 75 g glucose drink
glucose 1/2 hr 151 mg/dl norma 65-199
glucose 1 hr 159 norma 65-199
glucose 1,5 hr 93 mg/dl norma 65- 199
glucose 2 hr 81 norma 65-199

lost post… :frowning:

what are your estrogen tests results, progesterone, thyroid, etc. at what time of the month?

I did some research into this while searching for answers for issues my wife was having.

the glucose test/diabeties is just one possible issue related to PCOS but by itself can not confirm or refute PCOS.

the glucose results look normal from what very little I know. - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glucose_tolerance_test

estrogen total 106 pg/ml

TSH 0.006
T4 free 5.9 normal 1.2-4.9
T3 upt 37 normal 24 - 39

im on synthroid - hypothyroid …i know lil overmedicated by thyroid pills but feel ok

overmedicated on T4 only thyroid meds means excess T4.
Excess T4 means excess Reverse T3
Excess RT3 blocks all of your Free T3 from working which means you are only getting a tiny portion of the benefit (if any) of your treatment plan.

have you ever read stopthethyroidmadness.com/things-we-have-learned or stopthethyroidmadness.com/t4-only-meds-dont-work/ ?

If not, PLEASE do so.

My wife was able to control half of her hormonal issues/symptoms (such as crippling pain from endometriosis, severe moods swings, always freezing, can’t lose weight, always tired, etc.) simply by getting on the correct thyroid medication. The other half were controlled by taking progesterone.

T3 uptake is an old style test. You get better more useful information from Free T4 vs Free T3 along with Reverse T3 + 8am cortisol + ferritin/total iron capacity.

Did the doctor only run Total Estrogen?

No values for Estradiol, Estrone, or Estriol? - what about progesterone, pregnenolone, DHEA-S, D25-OH, B12, etc? If no other tests were done, please run as fast as you can away from this doctor… only using total estrogen and using T3 uptake are major warning signs that this doc is out of his or her league when it comes to hormonal issues.

You would have better luck calling around to a compounding pharmacy and asking for a referral to an open minded HRT womens doc.

oh thanks for nice explanation. I have visited so many doctors LOL crazy, seems no matter what I can’t lose weight. Im now on 225 mcg synthroid and 15 mg armour…ohh… have to make my own research and thanks for advice to go see HRT doc… good idea. Im 32 and would like have baby in year or two, all doctors ENDO always watch for TSH and trying lower dosage…but than I feel like crap.

please please please go read the stopthethryoidmadness.com sites I posted. you are not alone. yes, endo’s are basically useless.

yes seems like endo are useless, sometimes its so confusing . why Endos are so crazy about TSH and only numbers on test. its about putting together all aspects. how u feel for ex.