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Quick question. I usaully take glucosamine with my first three meals. But now with university coming to an end, and me not working this summer, i am moving my workouts to the afternoon time.

Which raises a question about glucosamine timing.

My planned meal timing will be like this:

8 am Breakfast: Oatmeal, protein shake and 15ml Organic FLax or Udos oil.

10 am: MRP

11-12 am: Workout

PWO: 60 grams of carbs, 36 protein, 6 of creatine.

2 pm: P + C meal

5 pm: P + C meal

9 pm: Dinner is mostly P + F

Before hitting the sack: A slow digesting protein shake.

Where should i place the first glucosamine serving? I wont do it in the breakfast meal, cause the fiber content is pretty high and fiber reduces the absorbtion rate of other supps. Should i take it Pre workout? Or postworkout? Or possibly at both times, since the meals are high in sugars?

Thanks in advance.