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Glucosamine Supps?


My doctor suggested I supplement my diet with glucosamine to speed up recovery from my shoulder subluxation. I wanted to get suggestions on brands from my trusted T-Nation brethren and sisters. Thanks.


Puritan's Pride. Glucosamine chondroiton. It has a little MSN as well.


i use NutraJoint by Knox. it has 1500 mg of Glucosamine, 1200 mg chondroiten, 500 mg MSM, and 2000 mg of gelatin in it per 4 caps (daily serving). gelatin is really underrate, but extremely benifical for joint health.

one of my friends is really into rock climing, and was having problems with his wrists and fingers. he started eating about a bag of GummyBears a day, and the problems went away. i think supplementing might be better though, cause you don't get all the sugar..


I have dislocated my shoulder three times do to basketball injuries. This stuff is no joke, it really works for joint health. I take GNC's Glucosamine 750 and chondroiten 500 and it works like a charm. Good luck man


Go to consumerlab.com and check out reputable brands. I use the NOW brand and like it really well.

Stay strong


Microsoft has a supplement line out now? What will Bill Gates think of next? :wink:

Panther, whatever brand you go with, be sure to use it for a solid month before making any decisions about its efectiveness. From my experience, most people need it to "build in their system" before they notice any appreciable results.


Whoops. MSM. Purittan's Pride brand is a very good brand. Check out its rating on Mike's link. I bet it's good. I remember reading somewhere that it's one of 3 brands that is most true to its reported values.


I've used the Move Free brand (Schiff) for a couple of years and like it.