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Glucosamine for joint problems?

Anybody here ever tried this out? What supps are avaible for RSI type-like injuries?

it’s a beautiful thing!! I have arthritis in both hips and both feet and take it every day. i notice a BIG difference when i go off of it for a few weeks. give it a try. i use GNC Glucosomine Sulfate 1000, one tabet a day.

Just remember to read the article about Glucosamine in the last issue of T-Mag. Or maybe it was the one before, can’t remember. The days are a blur…

Michelle, with the Cy Wilson issue re glucosamine and insulin resistance,have you noticed any change in body comp since you have started taking them?

Is there any adverse side-effects of glucosamine? I wouldnt like to see stuff like my t-levels taking a dive…
thanks people

i haven’t noticed any changes…

larrycoholic - the only problems you’ll have are outlined in that article I mentioned. And they were the first problems I knew glucosamine had, not that it’s really a huge problem. Michelle - just keep an eye on it, I don’t think it’d be something that would happen quickly.

I’ve been taking Glucosamine for about 3-4 years and its done wonders to clear knee problems caused by years of heavy squatting (most using improper form). I can definitely tell when I stop using it for a while. I have not noticed any insulin resistance problems like Cy discussed.

Insulin problems or not, if i don’t take it my hips hurt so much I can’t walk comfortably, let alone play rugby. I’m not going to stop it in the near future. But never the less, I will watch for it.