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Glucosamine/Chondroitin Study Inconclusive



Well, it doesn't give a definitive answer. My orthopedist said it was good only if you have stock in the company. Interesting how it's a prescription drug in Europe, though. Anybody decided one way or another? Why?


I've seen too many people come in barely able to walk because of arthritis, start on Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM and within 1 month, be able to walk properly again. You may wanna find a 2nd and even 3rd oppinion my friend.


Yes. I've decided that glucosamine chondrotion works. Why? Because it works for me. If it's only in my head, then it's still getting the job done.


Yup. My elbow has been fine since I started using it.


works for me.

knees feel better,elbows feel better.

i know the chance for a placebo effect exists but i have something happen that convinces me it's the real deal.
the middle finger on my left hand.when not using glucosamine/chondroitin that finger locks in place when i make a fist upon rising.it goes away as the day progresses.when i use the stuff it goes away all together.


I am taking it right now that combo by Twinlab right now. I will continue to take it definitly less aches an pains in the knees and elbows.


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