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I saw some liquid Glucosamine-Chondroitin MSM today…
what u guys think of it???

Most likely over priced. It will turn to a liquid when it dissolves in my stomach.

That said it depends on the price vs contents. how much does it contain and what else is thrown in the liquid.

I use the one by Schiff. $30 for a bottle of 180 tablets at Costco.
After 2 weeks my left shoulder felt much better. I’m still using it.
It’s pretty good IMO

its actually a lot cheaper
1000 ml for 24 canadian at costco

2 tpsns has 2000 gluc, 1200 chon, 500 MSM

i’m just wondering about quality and how well its absorbed

I Know the stuff you both are talking about and am thinking the liquid stuff is NOT cheaper. Cant remeber the cost But 1000ml at 2 TBSP a serving is only just over 30 servings. Where as the Schiff pills above for $30 is 90 servings of two pills.

I think the math is correct there. As for quality I dont see why it wouldnt be effective many meds are made in solutions. Cough syrups various pain meds. I would be wary of it being Loaded with sugar.

Hope that helps,


I have took a few different brands but the best I have used is GNC. Its about $32.00 for 120 caps. Its a 750 mg x 650 mg mix. I take two every morning. I have had a couple of knee surgurys and and every little bit helps my old ass (35).

Definately a must for the experienced.