Glucosamine and Chrondoitin

can anyone give me the latest thinking on these as suplements to help with knee joints. I remember reading some studies that showed no statistical improvements. Anything new out there?

They’re scams

thx, that is what I thought, was interested to know if there was any new research.

There is new research… but not for joints… linked to longevity and decreased cancer risk

My ladyfriend has been taking them for 10 years. The amount of improvement is terriffic. When I first got her taking Knox Joint Formula I told her it would be six months before she showed any difference. Stuff worked then, still works. If you have jointl troubles, not taking this on a forever trip is silly.

This bodybuilding stuff is about being strong & healthy.

All the studies seem aimed at old people. I want to see studies on healthy people who are active.

I am healthy and active but have a knee that I have damaged a few times (strained ligaments, torn meniscus etc). Never had any surgery and just have to ba a bit careful of it. Where are the studies on people like me?