Glucosamine After a Knee Injury

I suffered a knee injury in the fall breaking my kneecap in hockey and having screws put in. I know their is the possibility of cartilage problems and arthritis in the future. Would glucosamine help prevent these problems?

i cant say for sure but it has helped with some of my joint pains. its worth a shot.

you could use glucosamine, chondroitin, and msm…Acai has also been known to help with joint pain…make sure you get the frozen kind and not the crappy juice which barely has any of the nutritional benefits left in it…
In this article Mike Robertson says he takes these supplements for healthy knees. I’m probably going to buy some glucosamine/chondroitin as well.

1500 mg glucosamine/1200 mg chondroitin

500 mg Vitamin C

200 IU Vitamin E

100 mcg Selenium

4 caps Flameout

You can’t go wrong with Glucosamine and chondroitin. It has no side effects and is one of the few supplements that I notice if I stop taking it. I highly recommend it for anyone.

I also got TK knee sleeves and I highly recommend those as well.

I was talking to a guy in the gym today. I was doing weighted pull ups and we got to talking and he told me he couldn’t do them anymore because of arthritis in his hands. He was 55 and jumped in and did a set anyway, just to show me he was stronger at 55 then I am at 24. He mentioned he was taking glucosamine/chondroitin for his arthritis.