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Glucomannan in Powder Form


Anyone taking this orally (giggity) in powder form?

I cannot for the life of me get it down the hatch fast enough to avoid it turning into paper mache inside my mouth and taking about 45 minutes to scrape out with a tool of some sort.

Anyone got any tips? Not interested in capsule form, as I'm told it reduces/eliminates the intent of the supp.


Just bought some Miracle Noodles, which are made from glucomanon (no calories!). Tried 'em the other night, and while they weren't horrible, you won't mistake them for real pasta. I did feel some bloat after eating them, but it may have been all the green veggies that accompanied the meal.



I will have to try Miracle Noodles.

Have you had Dream Fields Pasta?


I'm having a difficult time understanding how capsule form affects the intent. The capsule is just supposed to help get it to the stomach where it dissolves and releases the fiber, correct?

I have had issues with my capsules dissolving a bit early and then I get a knot in my throat from the gluccomannan starting to congeal.


This is the explaination my research gave me:

The problem with taking glucomannan as a capsule is that the powder does not actually get released completely in order to expand in your stomach. Instead, gastric juices and acids break down the capsule walls slowly, and fluid from your stomach seeps in little by little.

As the fluid comes into contact with the glucomannan, it causes the fiber to swell inside the capsule, which is still partially intact. Since the fiber forms a thick gel when mixed with water, the partially encapsulated fiber becomes a glucomannan "fiber worm." Now, this isn't a parasite, it's simply the result of the expansion of glucomannan within the capsule to form a long, thin, worm-shaped gel. So, instead of swelling in your stomach to make you feel full, the fiber swells inside the capsule and passes through your digestive tract without performing its designated job.


Once the capsule fully dissolves, wouldn't it expand normally?


Haven't heard of it. Should I even bother asking how it tastes? -lol. I had such high hopes for the miracle noodles, but I certainly won't be including them with my nightly chicken breasts anytime soon. I'll have to try them in a 'meal' by themselves to actually gauge the effct they have on satiety.