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Glucomannan, Anyone?

anyone use it? if so do you take the capsule or use it in cooking. i don’t cook anything that i could use the powder in, so i was wondering how i should space out taking it in capsule form. any and all comments are appreciated.

Never heard of it, whatizit?

a type of fiber supplement i read about in an article on this site.

There is adequate research that states when consumed the glucomannan will expand up to 60 times it’s size because it is a super absorbable fiber, it becomes this viscous liquid that is almost a jelly. If you are trying to lose weight it could be beneficial to take it a half hour before meals in order to curb your appetite but outside of a weight loss perspective there is not much reason for it you are better off saving your money and spending it on fruits and vegetables

I’ve used one or two caps to thicken up shakes. You kind of have to let it sit for a while before it thickens in water. But when it gets thick, it gets real thick.

would it make sense to take this in capsule form with shakes to slow digestion and make you feel fuller longer?

I read the original article on the site when it came out and thought that would make sense.

Supposedly reduces cholesterol.