None of the pharmacies in my area stock (or are willing to order) glucola for the glucose tolerance test John Berardi discussed on a past thread. In fact I can’t find any liquid glucose anywhere, just tablets. Is it OK to use 75 grams of glucose in tablet form for this test? If not, any suggestions on how to get some?

C’mon, no one did the glucose tolerance test themselves?

Back in the days when I was putting myself through graduate school by doing phlebotomy work, I remember drawing a couple of Glucose Tolerance Tests where the person (in both cases, a pregnant woman) couldn’t keep down the glucola. When the tests were rescheduled, each was allowed a can of Coke instead of the glucola. I might be so bold as to suggest that, if you can’t get a hold of glucola. 75 grams of glucose = 300 calories. Figure out how much Coke (or Pepsi, if you’re one of those) you need, drink it, then draw the blood according to the schedule. It should be fairly accurate. If your numbers turn out to be atypical, have a doctor order one for you & repeat the test under stricter circumstances. Hope that helps.