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Glucocorticoid (Cortisol) as PED


I'm not saying anyone should do this. This is more for endurance atheletes, not fat powerlifters.

Endurance atheletes, particularly high altitude ones, have taken a glucocorticoid called dexamethasone to increase endurance.

"'Our study indicates that for HAPE-susceptible climbers, taking dexamethasone improved exercise capacity, oxygen uptake kinetics and decreased the anaerobic threshold,' said lead researcher Manuel Fischler, MD, of the University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland. 'Overall, this means that those climbers who took dex felt better, were able to do more, and probably experienced fewer altitude-related discomforts than both other groups.'"

There are other possible MOAs, such as, there might be a a vasodilation effect similar to clen. It also helps with altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is caused in part by increased CO2 concentrations changign kidney metabolism.

Here's where I got the quote: http://blog.talusoutdoor.com/?p=326 . It's a blog post that explains dexamethasone in depth.

Dexamethasone is a glucocorticoid, which is a drug that causes the effects of cortisone. Cortisone is to dexamethasone as testosterone is to trenbolone (or halotestin).

Glucocorticoids cause weight gain, insulin resistance, immune suppression - causing antiinflammatory effects. I think they also can activate mineralcorticoid receptors. Mineralcorticoids change sodium and potassium rentention.


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Its an interesting aside, but really, no-one should touch the cortisol drugs unless they have a serious medical condition that warrants it. They have some of the most insidious and nasty side effects of any drug out there.


Fat powerlifters do look funny. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/yoga_yes_yoga_for_big_bastards

That's a good article too. Yoga is really just fancy stretching mixed with simple cardio. The spiritual stuff doesn't help people do yoga, although it does help them stay consistant with yoga, so I guess it's good.

I meant "fat powerlifter" as a good thing. Powerlifters are much stronger than BBers, and I've heard that professional BBers take way higher doses than pro PLers (partly because BBers need to make such drastic, unhealthy cuts). I also don't like the way BBers purposely overtrain and over-synthol certain muscle groups and undertrain other muscle groups. It makes them look way bigger in pictures, but they end up looking sort of weird.

I saw a picture on this site of a powerlifter who had leaned out for a photoshoot. I'm sure he had as much LBM as a lot of BBers, and I thought he looked a lot better than most bodybuilders.


You're right, that dex stuff is very potent and dangerouss. You're also right in that it's an interesting aside. Please, post anything but 1st cycle anavar threads!

THG of the BALCO scandal is a glucocorticoid and anabolic steroid. It was used on sprinters, so maybe that's partly why they were successful. I'm sure the non-BALCO sprinters were also on steroids, gh, and other things, but they didn't have the glucocorticoid advantage.

"Unlike most other anabolic steroids, THG also binds with high affinity to the glucocorticoid receptor, and while this effect may cause additional weight loss, it is also likely to cause extra side effects such as immunosuppression that are not seen with most other steroids.[8]"

High potency cortisones in large doses can be dangerous, but a low dose of just regular cortisone isn't that bad. There's a guy in the TRT forum whose on 5mg cortisone per day because his cortisol levels were "low-normal."

So, low dose cortisone, or THG could be an effective, and safer alternative to EPO. Maybe MMA fighters are already taking it.