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Ever since the glutamine destroying article a couple months back, i have stopped using glutamine. But i was wondering does anyone else still use it or if they believe evrything from that article.

Ive been using it at night after bjj postworkout. When dieting i’ve been told this is a good idea when you don’t want to use allot of postworkout carbs.

I saw an article elsewhere saying it was useful.

However i pretty much discountinued it’s use after that article.

It’s in my post-workout shakes, so I still use it to that degree. I still think it’s valuable, but I don’t think it’s necessary to use it as separate supplementation from my post-workout shake or in addition to my current protein powders that I use.

I always thought it was worthless in most cases so I was glad to see the articles finally explain why I got nothing out of glutamine. For those that missed them, look in issue 230 and 231 of T-mag: Glutamine- Destroying the Dogma, by David Barr.

I take a product called Ice which is a glutamine/BCAA combo and I think that it works wonders for recovery. I take a lot though, 40 grams with each workout.

Mike Mahler

I use it pre- and postworkout with BCAA, along of the lines of Poliquin’s reccomendations. Works amazingly and really helps on a keto diet. I actually do use Surge as well, but only on my squat day - this is my most intense workout and the Glut./BCAA didn’t seem to be enough to stave off DOMS.

I still take it. I am using it in place of carbs post-workout (up to 40 g), 10 g. before bedtime on an empty stomach w. ZMA and theanine (Don Alessi protocol) and I also use the ICE product pre/during workout.