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What kind of gloves do you guys recommend for lifting? Extra wrist support? Leather or synthetic? Any brand out there? etc…

none, unless you want your hands to be silky smooth like a girl’s, and you want to be treated as such.

Yea, the Schiek’s Model 540. I read the review in “Stuff We like” by John and Chris. Liked what they said about them, and bought a pair. These gloves are great and worth the money. I used to own a pair of Harbinger with the wrist wraps, and those are a far cry from the Schiek.

Hey “moron Doug” I think I found a new handle for you. Kinda sounds good on you “moron Doug”. I hate to tell you man but a lot of guys wear gloves. Just a quick quote from T-mag staffers John K or Chris S. “Some of you probably think that wearing gloves in the gym is for sissy boys. Well,play it however you like in your heads, but in my book, if you have a beautiful woman in your life and want to induldge in the occasional fondle, touch, or squeeze, having hands that are full of ragged calluses isn’t the way to get there. So I wear gloves.” Well, I guess you might like the feel of rough hands so continue to play with yourself “jack-off” but until then screw you! I’ll take my hands soft for the ladies for now. C-ya punk! OUT BEARIT

Harbinger makes nice gloves with gel padding. they are much more popular than the saranac brand which i also sell. I prefer using chalk. You can get a nice mountainclimbing chalk bag and chalk ball at ems sports. this will improve your grip, and be less annoying than gloves.

I would second the notion that gloves are for weiners. However since I train at such a sissy gym, hardly anyone ever uses any dumbbells heavier than 65 or ever uses the trap bar. So the texture of the grip on these items is like a coarse file. And when i’m not getting laid this doesn’t concern me. However when I am, having calluses so sharp that they snag a girl’s pantyhose is not cool. I’d recommend a cheap pair of black gloves. Only for bodybuilders, powerlifters use chalk instead. Get black ones because they will be filthy in a week. Get cheap ones because your gym bag will eat one of the gloves. However, it will only eat the left one every time. So you’ll end up buying a new pair every three months and having a stack of right lifting gloves under your bed.

I agree gloves are for pusses. My friend always wears them and he is a bitch, so u dont need none

10 oz. for fighting…

Clarification- My co-writer, John Koenig, likes gloves. I’m against them.

I wore them for a while when I first started, but finally broke the habit when I read where Arnold said never to use them. (Since he inspired me to begin with, I took his word as Gospel at the time and ditched the gloves forever.)

As a side note, in “Power to the People” Pavel talks about a study done on the hands. I don’t have the book with me at the moment so maybe someone else can chime in here. The study said something about how the muscle contracts better (or something) if the nerves can pick up the sensation of holding the bar or dumbbells. You perform worse with gloves was the basic conclusion. If you have the book, check that part out and give us the details. It’s very interesting “anti-glove” stuff.

I’m on my 2nd pair of Nike crosstrainers. They’re a good fit, don’t roll up in the palms, and they have wrist support (sorta). I still get cals though. Some of the bars at my gym feel like metal files.

I find that gloves are only needed on pulling exercises… and when it’s cold out.

When I started lifting seriously, I had a set of biking gloves from Performance that worked great – 3/4 length fingers and a kevlar palm. These were bomb proof and lasted almost forever (until the stench just wouldn’t wash out). I now use a set by Harbinger, again with 3/4 length fingers. I haven’t used the ones with wrist wraps, but my wrists are taking a beating doing squats (maybe some shoulder flexibility issues at work), so I’m considering them, or maybe something like skating wrist guards.

Last week a saw a woman (50 or so years old) lifting with mittens!!! They resembled oven mitts more so than winter ones! I’m absolutely serious, she was doing curls on the cable (at least I’m guessing that’s what she was trying to do) with big silver fucking mittens!

I know that didn’t answer the post but I thought it might be of interest. As for the post, I used gloves when I first started and developed wrist problems as a result. So my suggestion to you would be get the bottle of “Jergens” from underneith the bed and a “filing stone,” if you need to rely on how soft your hands are to get some ass!

I get such a kick out of people who have to have rough “manly” hands or other reminders to convince themselves they’re not a homo. If you like 'em use 'em and don’t give a fuck. I like Saranac but can’t find anything but Nike or Weider shit here in Europe.

Bearit: go get 'em, tiger! Love your attitude. Announcement: I quit wearing gloves about three months ago when I began training in earnest for strongman competitions, and imagine I’ll keep up the style even this fall when I go back to more bodybulding oriented workouts. Once I got the blood blisters callused over (my hands look weird now, with these apparently permanent red and black areas that are hard as rock), I’ve found that I prefer all my work in the gym to be bare handed. Now, as the quote from my Schiek glove writeup would attest (and by the way, I still love their brand best) this can present problems when “in the mood” with my gal. Solution: lotion. Not just for the hands; lather it on your girl and the hands take care of themselves.

Whoa! Calm yourself, “Bearit!” I guess a more appropriate description of you would be “internet tough guy.” Kinda funny that you know my real, legitimate name and call me out while hiding under anonymity. You asked for opinions, then get pissed off when I give you mine? What is that about? I don’t like gloves for lifting… girls like calluses, and scars too (at least mine does). I’m sorry if you can’t handle that somebody disagrees with you.

In the great gloves vs no gloves debate, I gotta go with the “no gloves” side.

I think there is really something to the Pavel theory. I know that feeling the bar in my hands tends to make me more confident in my lifting. For rowing/pulling, just use wraps. They are much better for security than gloves (unless you are trying to work on grip strength). As far as the “rough hands” phenomenon, youre gonna get calluses anyway with or without gloves. Better to spend your money on grips than on gloves. I do have an aversion to gloves as being a bit “sissy-esh” but that’s not a good arguement for or against. As a serious lifter though, I believe that if you are actually feeling the roughness of the bar during a set (meaning you have enough mental resources left to worry about and concentrate on that), then you must not be working very darn hard. I dont even remember I have hands during some sets :slight_smile:

chalk,chalk gloves are for girls!

Yeashhh!!! Next you will be pondering if you want them Pink or Lavander!!! no gloves for me!!

I like to wear my gloves and my spandex when im doing squats on the smith machine with that pad thing on my traps.