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Gloves When Lifting?


Does anyone where gloves when lifting? my hands are gettin torn up pretty bad..?


Nah, i follow the good ole Arnold motto of 'Just go ahead and let those calluses build up'. I tried gloves back when i was starting out, and it really just got to the point where they felt too restrictive. They also just get your palms so damn sweaty that the gloves tend to need cleaning often, otherwise you're walking around with some stanky gloves.


Gloves are gay.


You mean those? pffft I'm WAY too hardcore for gloves!


"Gloves have no place in a serious training program. A glove is merely a piece of loose stuff between the hand and the bar, reducing grip security and increasing the effective diameter of the bar. Gloves make bars harder to hold on to. The only legitimate use for a glove is to cover an injury, like torn callus or a cut, where the workout is important enough to do with the injury. A desire to prevent callus formation does not constitute a legitimate use"

-Mark Rippetoe in Starting Strength


Gloves during deadlifts = shitty deadlift


Nyral, those Gloves are intense...


I know and if you look hard you can see the decals on my nails ^_^


I wear gloves, there great.I dont wear them when I deadlift do one arm DB curls or seated DB shoulder press because I have to swing the weight up but other than that I like them and couldnt care less what the "so called hard cores" think.

Gloves are way less pussy than then the douche bags who use there wrist straps for everything.


In all seriousness I don't use gloves anymore for the simple fact the I use my Fatgripz a lot these days. Not for deadlifts obviously...I sneak chalk in the gym...talk about hardcore! Damn, I couldn't stay serious.

Nah gloves are fine, whatever floats your boat really...just don't wear those fisherman gloves, that shit is ridiculous. And yes, I've seen people wear them.


I have been meaning to purchase this


Nyral you mentioned fat gripz, I have been intrested in those for a while, I actually feel like my grip is alittle fatter with the gloves.I have big hands and think all bars should be a little fatter in general.


I don't get it, at my gym it's almost like half of all beginners insist on using gloves. It's like they think there bicep curls going to go up by 2kg lool


If you plan on competing in powerlifting then do not use gloves. They are not allowed in competition. I do not like gloves myself but if that's what you want then go ahead. It is a personal preference.


I use gloves, I like having hands without callouses. Callouses don't make you hardcore.


Calluses are cool, but my hands dont keep them around.Im allways peeling them off and then im back at square one again.


like Erick the house.



Lol that you are defensive about your glove use, and then call people that use straps douche bags...

Such irony.

If you want to wear gloves, wear fucking gloves. If you need straps, use straps. If putting carrots in your ass adds 35lbs to your total, put fucking carrots in your ass and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing or thinking about you.


well if eric the house uses them for everything then yes, but if he uses them for max effort like I bet he does them that is different. I use straps sometimes but I cant stand the guys who use them for every pulling move.


do the federations allow carrots in the ass.


I got to imagine there is at least one that does.