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Glossary - Welcome Pack?

I have searched for a glossary of terms and break down of acronyms.

It would be really helpful to have this as a new member, like a welcome pack to help decode some of the threads.

What ones in particular are giving you trouble?

This thread seems to have some common terms.


Yeah, I don’t think there are any forum-specific terms that’d be too confusing. Just general training stuff that’d be standard for any training or diet talk.

There’s nothing wrong with flat-out telling someone you don’t know what they’re referring to when the issue comes up, but is there anything particular you’re getting tripped up on?

Honestly I am very new to the TRT process so it might be more channel specific.
But given the broad strokes information provided by my Doctor I came here to dive into the specifics and better understand my blood work.
I find myself having to stop, go off and Google a lot of the Acronyms.

A quick ref guide to start, so I could hit the threads and read through making sense of it all would be useful for me, and i’m sure the next newbie.

HCH mono

Just a suggestion.

I think I’m going to head back to the over 35’s channel where its safe.

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Ah, gotcha. Yeah, that’s nothing really to do with the forum itself. Those are definitely specific to TRT and men’s health. I get what you’re saying and I know it can seem overwhelming, but giving yourself at least a basic understanding of that stuff really is a big part in taking control of your personal health.

It’s pretty much exactly what I talked about here: 4 Things You Don't Know About TRT | T Nation

If you wanted to start a thread about it in the T Replacement forum, that’d be one way to get the conversation started.

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That article is super helpful. Thank you.

I think I need to do some homework on blood panels and read into that.

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