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Globe Gripz

Anyone ever used these? Faddy?


They’re cool. Just another way to change shit up and help your grip. I think fat grips do more for your strength though. You could probably make them for less money.

It says 30 pounds there…that’s rather expensive…about 60 US dollars.

Unless you can get them cheaper online I’d also say go with the Fat Gripz…I got mine for about 20 pounds.

I found the correct url to be /www.strengthshop.co.uk/grippers/grip-other/globe-gripz.html
My shoulders love neutral grip but i doubt i could use my regular weights.
Please comment about if lighter weights are needed with neutral grip and about the practical aspect of constant bar switching in a gym setting, thanks.

Hi guys,

It’s Matt from the video review. I use these day-in day-out and cannot recommend them enough. Aside from the grip-strength requirement, they offer a more natural feel and more variety than a regular fat grip. Like Louie says, a great way to mix things up :).