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Globalist Left Arm Gives Thumbs Up To War


Globalist Left Arm Gives Thumbs Up To War
by Steve Watson
Dec 2, 2005

Within the past two days Leading Democrats have all stated their support for the war in Iraq, once again highlighting how we must see beyond the false left / right paradigm and make it known to others that the Republicans and the Democrats are left and right arms used for the same agenda by the elite policy makers.

First it was Joe Lieberman who declared his unyielding support for the administration's conduct of the Iraq war. This led to a warm pat on the back from George W Bush:

"As Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman said recently, setting an artificial timetable would `discourage our troops because it seems to be heading for the door. It will encourage the terrorists. It will confuse the Iraqi people... Sen. Lieberman is right," the president said at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

Other Democrats have been up in arms over Lieberman's conduct, yet this is just another indication that the leading Democrats, the one who institute policy, who VOTED FOR THE WAR, support the action in Iraq.

At the beginning of November Lieberman was invited as a president's guest to an elite dinner for Prince Charles and Camilla, duchess of Cornwall. Ten days later, the National Journal reported that its "insiders poll" of 89 influential Republicans found 35 percent named Lieberman as the Democratic member of Congress they most admired.

Lieberman's name has been mentioned in praise by Bush on at least a further three occasions over the past month.

Next, step up Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. "It is time for the president to stop serving up platitudes and present us with a plan for finishing this war with success and honor." She was quoted as saying.

Hillary went on to criticize the intelligence before the war, yet this has not been a problem for her previously:

"Why was the intelligence consistent from the Clinton administration to the Bush administration?" Clinton added. "The intelligence was consistent for over a decade." She said shortly after she voted FOR the war in 2002.

"I felt that it was appropriate under the circumstances, which really went back to 1998 under the Clinton administration's conclusion that the regime had to change, that the president (Bush) had authority to pursue that goal."

"Hillary Clinton today holds the new North American record for fakery," writes Newsday columnist Jimmy Breslin. "She copies. She sneaks and slithers past you with her opinion on a war that kills every day."

Mrs. Clinton was also slammed this week in a speech by Cindy Sheehan, the so-called "Peace Mom" who previously labeled the senator a "war hawk."

It is clear that Hillary Clinton's recent "move to the center" is a stage managed operation that signifies a change of guard is underway. Hillary reached personal best in terms of national popularity this summer, with 52 percent of Americans now saying they view her favorably - and only 37 percent disagreeing. This has rocketed up from just a 39 percent approval in March.

Whilst her husband has been hanging around with the Bushes, she has been living it up with the likes of Newt Gingrich, Bill Frist, John McCain and Rick Santorum. There is clearly a bipartisan move underway to shift public perception.

As well as Hillary, other Democrats, including Senators Joseph Biden and John Kerry, who also voted in favour of the war, are critical of Bush's policy while warning against setting any schedule or deadline for withdrawal.

Next up is Bill Clinton who also yesterday re-iterated his support for the war:

"Whether you were for it or against it, it seems to be you should all be praying that it succeeds,'' Bill Clinton said on CNN. "I didn't agree with what was done when it was done, but we are where we are.''

We have previously exposed how The Clinton-Bush relationship is a long and fruitful one.

The Clintons and the Bushes have been known to vacation together in more recent times. Earlier this year on CBS, Clinton revealed that he looks upon the Bushes as a surrogate family, and how Barbara Bush refers to him as "her son". Is this really a picture of two distinct and opposed political ideologies pitted against one another?

Last year George W invited both Clintons as guests of honor and praised them to the hilt as he unveiled portraits of the two to be hung in the White House. Bush described him as having "...a great compassion for people in need... a man of enthusiasm and warmth". This after Bush's 2000 campaign was built around Clinton having no honor or dignity whilst in the White House.

Festivities continued last November when the entire Bush family journeyed to Little Rock for the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library. The praise from both President Bushes for Bill Clinton was sick bag overwhelming. "The William J. Clinton Presidential Library is a gift to the future by a man who always believed in the future and today we thank him for loving and serving America." Bush 43 was quoted.

After this Bush Snr and former President Bill Clinton joined forces for Tsunami/Katrina Relief. They appeared at this year's Super Bowl and seemed to be having a blast together. They declared their friendship; we learn they talk on the phone often, play golf together and are just plain ?pals.'

The Washington Times revealed that the current President even takes foreign policy advice from Clinton, along with his father, and lets them sit in on CIA briefings.

These two families are desperate attention loving power mad elitists and want to retain control of their respective political parties. They are using each other to ?soften' their disapproval in the opposite party. We have two simultaneous dynasties - the Bushes and the Clintons. The Bushes are the hand of the Republican arm and the Clintons the hand of the Democratic arm. The body is of course controlled by one mind that outranks them all, the corporate fascist elite.

The Clintons and the Bushes are comparable to the Lucchese and Genovese families: they have their little spats, but at the end of the day they eat their gnocchi from the same table. The Democans and the Republicrats are the left and right hands of a single body. The mind of this body is intent on bare handedly tearing apart freedom and ripping to shreds the constitutional form of governance that was created to bring down this elitist rabble.


Great article. I believe it true that there is truly one party with two faces. They only differ on social issues- ironically, the ones that the government should have the least control over.

Yet another reason why, if Hillary runs, I will not vote.


I tend to agree with you. Its a sad state of affairs really. Given the way the political system in this country works, I dont see it really changing in the future either.

I know this is kind of a simplistic example but if you want proof that the two parties in this country are nothing more than two sides of the same coin, look no further than the election of 1912. Essentially, after that election, the coin was flipped; the Republican Party became the "conservative" party and the Democratic Party became the "liberal" party.

Im not saying there arent genuine people in both parties but it seems to me that once a party is in power, its sole mission becomes retaining that power and its philosophical underpinnings become completely secondary to the point of being expendable. At some point, the party became more important than ideals.


Absolutely. I have read that the same corporations donate to both parties so that they don't lose either way. And ideals go out the window-normally because the other side stymies what the party in power wants. Its a great way of making it seem like things change (or can change) when they really never do.

I think I may be voting for the Green Party next time around.


Irish, I would also rather vote for the Green Party over here; however, they have no realistic chance of ever winning anything in the near future.

Why not vote for the lesser of two evils?



Even though you and I obviously differ philosophically, I'll probably be voting Libertarian on the natinal level next time around for the exact same reasons.


Because I have had it with the lesser of the two evils. Neither of them are lesser evils. "There is no other pill to take, so swallow the one that makes you ill"

The Repubs have been saying it- how many democrats voted for this fucking war? A friend of mine (a hardcore republican) suggested today that Congress seems like they are just a group of rich people trying to get richer- not too mention keeping their "party" in office.

If every person who said what you said voted for the Green Party, we would finally have a legitamate two party system.


Its funny you say that. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "I would vote for the (fill in the blank) party or for so-and-so, but I just dont want to throw my vote away." If everyone who says something to that effect every election cycle, just votes for whoever they actually want to vote for, things just might change some day.