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Global Warming Solved!


This has to be one of the stupidest ideas ever.


...kinda reminds me of the Simpsons.


This is a prime example of why we can't go off half-cocked to try and fix something we don't know that much about.

We know about pollution, but we don't know about global warming. So we fix the pollution problem and then see what effect that has on warming.


Sometimes we fail to realize that good ideas have really bad side effects. I think we go in cycles of warming and cooling for a reason--I just don't know what it is. A serious warming trend will cycle into a cooling trend due to ice cap melting and vice verse. Perhaps the glode is becomeing too populated too quickly to handel the consuption of resources and the subsequent release of their by products.

I think the latests idea is to start pumping CO2 into the space remaining after oil is pumped out of the ground. I can only imagine the side-effects this might have.


Monte Burns did build a solar blocker.


I found this link on that page.


Finally TC's realdoll has some competition.


Had I seen that article, I would have posted it instead. The thing is if I could afford that, why not just go get a hooker?


Can't get "Super Aids" from a robot.

"There is nothing to fear...except for Super Aids." - Butters Dad.