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Global Redistribution Council

Obama Appoints Hardcore European Socialist To US Global Development Council:

"Esther Duflo (born October 25, 1972) is a Socialist [u]French[/u] economist…“I was always conscientious of the gap between my existence and that of the world’s poor,” she told weekly French magazine…“It inspired in me a sense of responsibility.”

While Duflo’s work has already helped contribute to changing the way governments and organisations deal with global poverty, her potential new role as a member of the Global Development Council will allow her to have a direct impact on how the US handles such issues."

This rich [u]French[/u] woman feels bad about having money because it conflicts with her delusional, Fabian ideology. To make her feel better about herself she needs to redistribute your money via UN so called “aid and development” programs to people in other countries. You guys don’t have any problem with that right? A global redistribution council formed by executive fiat under sole jurisdiction of the executive branch and headed by a French socialist? What could go wrong?

Well, it’s too late to stop the Socialist agenda anyway, that train has left the
station and no one on Earth can derail it now…This situation is bigger than all
of us…fuggetaboutit.

No none at all. What possible reason for complaint could I have about somebody not born or raised in this country who has absolutely zero clue about our culture and ideals wanting to steal my money and re-distribute it because of a guilt syndrome.

No. No problem at all. FML.

Unfortunately, in the end, the masses get exactly what they deserve.

“…absolutely zero clue about our culture and ideals”

OH I think we distribute more than enough of our “Culture” on Earth with disgusting Reality shows, Movies and Music and News stories for foriegners to know us just well enough, and they’re not all
stupid. They sensed long ago we were heading in the socialist direction, the clues
were all over the place embedded in the “culture” we’ve peppered all over the
the planet…If YOU didn’t notice it, shed the scales from your eyes.
HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO!..heh, we’re fucked.