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Global Grip Challenge 2006


Diesel Crew presents

The Global Grip Challenge 2006

Along with
Anson Castelvecchi
Scott George

hosted by


This huge event will see the best GRIP athletes in the United States on June 24, 2006 going into battle. This is an open contest, everyone is welcome to come out and compete! . Considered the US Grip Championships, the Global Grip Challenge has been rocking the east coast for the past 2 years and this year's contest will be the biggest yet.

This year, GGC will be dominating the ground of the Sorinex compound in Irmo, SC.
Richard Sorin, the original CoC and inventor of the BLOB, will be donating his facility to host the most exciting day of hand strength of the year.


  1. Max Effort Gripper Close (Each Hand , Credit Card set)
  2. 2 Hand Pinch
  3. Vbar
  4. BLOB Load Medley
  5. Rolling Thunder for Reps

Date: June 24, 2006
Location: Irmo, SC
Time: 10am - til complete

Bar-B-Que provided by Richard Sorin.

Anyone interested please send me a personal msg for more details.


What's that credit card thing after the gripper chalenge?


Generally, it refers to closing a gripper to the point where the gap between the handles is the width of a credit card.


You have it backwards, it's starting a close with the handles at least a credit card width apart.



Dan is right, this is the new Iron Mind standard for setting a gripper. They used to allow the handels to be 1" apart before starting the close. I'll post some action shots from last year's GGC soon!


GGC 2005- here's me giving the Iron Mind #3 gripper my all. This was my first ever grip comp., I learned a ton and met a lot of really cool folks.


Go Girl!!!!! Sherry pulling the vertical bar!


Never stonger- just shy of 60 years young, Chris continues to get stronger. He consistantly beats athlets 1/2 and even 1/3 his age!


Mighty strong wrists- it's no surprise since Dave Morton is certified on the IM #4 gripper and the IM Red Nail (he can bend them underhanded). Here Dave is levering a 16lb sledge.


GGC 2005- Pat "The Human Vise" Povilits entertains everyone by destryoing a horseshoe while hold a 45lb granite padlock with his teeth! Gotta love those eyes!


I smell Diesel Weasel. He should be poppin in any time now.



Support medley- series of harder lifts involving support grip strength. Jonathan Creason pictured here.


Support medley- series of harder lifts (5 in all) involving support grip strength. Jonathan Creason pictured here.


2 hand pinch (2005)- my PR on this lift is 180lbs.


Sherry takes her turn on grippers.


293lb V-bar lift.


Great pics, keep them coming...was there any bending? On a semi off-topic question, are you Red Nail Certified?


There was no bending at the GGC last year, but there was in 2004. I cerified on the Red Nail last year, my picture and profile are on page 68 of the March 2006 Milo. I love bending, it's a test of total body strength. You into bending/grip work?


I'm purely amature level but it is fun. Just started bending actually. It looks so easy when you watch someone else do it but then you try it and reality sets in. I can bend a 5" long 1/4" Grade 2 bolt pretty easy but that's about my limit. My interest started when my grip began to fail on deadlifts and just grew from there. It's pretty addictive once you start.


What number did she go for and did she succeed?