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Glens Falls, New York

I am trying to find out some information, for a variety of personal reasons, the name of a gym in the Glens Falls area that was owned by, I am told, a fellow named Phillip Guarino. (sp?) I am also trying to find an internet source to confirm or disprove that he was arrested within the last six to 12 months for sale of cocaine and ecstacy. I understand the gym may have been seized by the Feds since he allegedly sold the drugs from the gym. Does anybody have a source on the internet for a newspaper article, or have any knowledge of, this situation? The reason I ask is that I knew him as a young man and have some long lost step-family relationship.

While I don’t know the name of the individual, a gym was recently shut down in that area for exactly the reasons cited. I will look into finding a source for you.

Much appreciated.