Glenn Pendlay's Supertotal Program

Hey CT, Glenn wrote a program a couple years back that focused on building up a supertotal. Basically training for both powerlifting and weightlifting. What are your thoughts on this program? Anything you would change/alter to make it more efficient?

"Training for the Supertotal

I recently was asked how I would set up a training program for a person wanting to compete in BOTH weightlifting and powerlifting. Here it is, the program I would recommend for someone wanting to do both iron sports, and incidentally itâ??s also a pretty decent program for someone who just wants to be big and strong.

The basic layout is this.

Monday- heavy
Back squat
Bench Press

Tuesday- light
Clean and Jerk

Front squat
Military press or push press

Saturday- light
Clean and Jerk
An occasional deadlift

Monday is the heavy back squat and bench press day. If you are doing a heavy sets across workout, like a 5x5 or something similar, this would be the day to do it. On squats you will be using the same form you plan to use in powerlifting competition. Tuesday will be the lighter day for the Olympic lifts.

If you are doing technique building variations of the lifts, like hang snatches from the hip or knee, this is the day. In any case, moderate weight or even light weight is the name of the game. Thursday is heavy but low volume front squats, and an overhead strength lift like military presses or push presses. Saturday is your heavy day for the Olympic lifts, with the occasional couple of singles in the deadlift thrown in after clean and jerks are done."

It’s a program written by a well known coach, so why should you change anything? Do it as Pendlay is prescribing it!!

Glenn is a great coach who has produced a ton of super strong guys. I would not mess with any other coach’s program anyway, especially not one that is that successful. When a good coach writes a program it is something that he knows work from experience. It was likely modified several times based on what he saw in the gym. So theoretical modifications are pointless at best and could be countreproductive at worst.