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Glenn Pendlay - RIP

The rumor is he passed this morning. I haven’t heard any details though. It’s been a rough couple of weeks in the iron game. This was a guy that participated in the forums here though and someone who influenced my training a lot (though I’m not a weightlifter). Really sad to hear this one.

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I have read some of his articles on this site. Pretty sad he was only 48. Google says he died due to cancer (stage 4 metastatic).

This shit is getting out of hand with how many strength enthusiasts dying. RIP to Glenn man.

So much of my home gym is Pendlay/MuscleDriver. I was gutted when it went belly up. This even moreso.

Gonna have to do some Pendlay rows in his honor.


What a year… first “how to squat” video I ever watched was Glenn’s - it’s been downhill since then.


I have a pendlay needle bearing bar and bumpers myself.


So young. Cancer is such a fuck. I think he only publicly announced his diagnosis about a month ago.

Definitely an influential coach for the sport, also wrote a bunch of articles here on the site and had a Q&A for a little while.


Dude was one of the best ever. I’m bummed out personally but mostly for his friends, family, and the people who he worked with.