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Glenn Pendlay is a MONSTER!!!



Damn, I thought this Glenn Pendlay dude is just some weakling who has happened to know alot about training, but no, he's more than that...

360 pounds bodyweight? It's hard to imagine. The guy is BIGGER than Scot Mendelson.


What's with you making so many threads? Just stop...




Another epic fail.


Damn, I'm beginning to hate Pyrros Dimas.

This prick won't stop starting pointless and annoying threads - and you can't get away with that shit, if you can't snatch 400 pounds (fuck you, 398 lbs PR).



He's not that big anymore. I don't believe he competes in anything currently, only coaching.


I find this hard to believe.


Dimas is way overrated anyway. I can always tell someone's knowledge of the sport if they have him as up on a pedestal as a great lifter, which he isn't really.


I don't care what you think. For me, a guy who can clean 400+ pounds without weighing more than 200 pounds is repectable. Plus, how could you not respect someone who can ATG high bar squat more than what you could do for a parallel squat?

I understand people in here hating me, I'm a troll, I love being a troll. You can attack me but not my avatar. It's not fair for you to insult people whom you can't even measure up to.

Unless you're Taner Sagir then shut the hell up.


3 golds and a bronze in 4 straight Olympics and he's overrated? It doesn't sound like your knowledge of the sport is too good either. I believe Kakhiashvilis, Suleymanoglu and Matlu were the only other 3 time gold medal winners.

I'm not saying he's the best ever, but he was pretty damn good.


Best ever for me is Taner Sagir. I don't care about gold medals, I care about the weights being moved...

Most elite level weightlifters who are uner 200 pounds can clean more than the average fat linebacker, and in American Standards, linebackers are strong!

...This is why America is so pathetic in weightlifting.

And most coaches in high schools suck! I was working out with a friend, and he was doing quarter squats and I told him, "that's not how olympic weightlifters roll...", he said, "It's okay, I'm just doing what the football players are doing. I've played football in this school and this is how they do it."

In weight training class, 70% of the exercises that our teacher makes us do are curls, extensions, and their silly variations. We only have like ONE exercise for the back, everything else are for the biceps.

I used to be in a school where the teacher actually knew what he was doing. He made us do hang cleans and all that. I used to thought the exercise selection are silly but, now, I think he's smart.


I believe he was talking about his form, and how it's not what is conventionally accepted as good. Not the weights lifted and titles gained.


I can understand that argument, but that also just shows that he was brutally strong to achieve those lifts without great technique.


It's called being a troll, you should try it sometime.


I would like everyone to click on 2B's profile and in the interact section next to add as friend hit the IGNORE button.

That's what I'm doing now.


Wow that's so cool. All his posts just disappeared from my browser!


then how can you post on his thread? Are you posting into nothing? that's zen. Ima try it.



Yeah he's definitely not that huge anymore.


LOL, you note I actually posted that back in 2002, like 7 years ago :slightly_smiling:

I think Arioch may have been Glenn, not sure though...


x2. Great idea