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Glenn Beck: McCain Worse than Obama?


Not trying to lend Obama any credence by default, but I sort of agree with Beck.

Fuck it hurts to say that.


Don't fear the pain. It's just objective thinking with no party affiliation sneaking in.


No, I mean I think Beck is a fucking conspiracy theory lunatic 99% of the time.

He does the same thing Obama did. Start with someone everyone can agree with and then go completely off the handle with it and hope people managed to hang on for the ride.

Except with Beck, instead of "hope" its "our government is corrupt".


Of course he would have been worse than Obama, which is why no one turned out to elect him. Obama is at least George Bush III, which we are accustomed to.


Because it is corrupt. Why assume it isn't. If churches can be corrupt, we can rest assured our politicians are corrupt too. It's not like the government is the bastion of selflessness, service and morally high grounds. Indeed the politicians are the most self serving and corrupt individuals in existence. With an exception here and there.


Its funny you say that because thats basically what Qaddafi called him at the un.


The perspective Beck is approaching this from is that Obama has pushed people's faces into the exploding tyranny of US government in an accelerated manner and has thus done us a favor that wouldn't have been as distinct under McCain. He also said that on individual issues he agrees with McCain much more often than Obama, but that isn't the point.

Viewed that way I also agree with him. Believing we would have witnessed a UN address today from McCain like the one we had from this asshole is insane, except maybe on climate change. I also cannot believe that McCain could have found worse candidates for the courts than Obama.

It may be that Obama ends up actually stemming some of the leftist slide in this nation by making it so obvious, but barring a quantum shift in the college age worker drones being trained in our schools right now it will be temporary at best.


No no no...you misunderstand me. He starts with something that we all agree on "our government is corrupt" and then takes off into conspiracy theory tinfoil hat land.


Exactly who cares what Glen Beck says? He's another big mouthed fuck that gets ratings every time he says something "CONTROVERSIAL!!!"

Please. Guy's a moron.


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And I'd say my best friend's left nut has you beat by miles as far as intelligence. Where we goin with this talking snake man?


Sounds like he says alot of things that you simply don't agree with. What qualifiers are you applying to classify him as a "moron". Personally, there are a shit ton of leftists that vehemently disagree with, yet I don't think they are unintelligent by any stretch.


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HAHA! Oh, oh I see what you did there! You witty little fucker you.



This was an interesting interview. (If you have time, you should listen to the whole interview...)

Now...why would Beck like Hillary over BOTH McCain and Obama?



Take the red pill friend.



Obama reminds me of a baby deer, Clumbsy and nieve. McCain reminds me of well and 80 year old man, Clumbsy and losing his mental capacity. Hillary while I disagree with most of her positions is niether clumbsy, nor losing any of her mental capacity, she is sharp, and would sell our doom to us much easier than either of the other two would. It would most likley be a much slower process under hillary. To be honest I think TPTB wanted her because it would have drawn less attention to thier plan. It pains them that all of thier choices are fucking retarded (bush) insane (gore) nieve (obama) or decrepit (mccain). They probably loved bill and would have loved hillary. Slow transformation is what they want, and it's not so much that they are pulling strings like a puppet master, it's more like they are playing a game of risk. Strategically moving peices or nudging them into place while the peices have little to no knowledge of thier manipulation. I think that no matter how much Obama stinks it up, people will be like It should have been hillary, and I think she is our next president. (after obamas second term of course)



I don't like McCain one bit. However compared to Obama he was the lesser of two evils. McCain would not have wasted nearly as much money as Obama has and he wouldn't have pushed this nightmare health care plan on the the voters.


Yes he does that, BUT everything he does and talks about is factual. Too many people in their complacency think he is crazy. Fact is he uncovered much corruption, many officials were dismissed from office and Acorn may be going down due to his work in Exposing the inconvenient TRUTH.

So i would say he is Nutty but more accurately passionate about America.


if you cant attack the position (with real data) attack the man...