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Glenn Beck Gets the Boot



He might have gone overboard on some issues, but I think he did bring up alot of good points.


I agree. I have been watching his show since he was on CNN. People love to hate him just off of some sound bites. I am an atheist, and also not a fan of over dramatic weeping when making points, two issues that do not stop me from watching his show.


It was inevitable.

You can only get the "shock-factor" viewership by saying outrageous shit for so long.

Also I believe the legislative run-up to Obamacare and subsequent "socialized-medicine" fear mongering that coincided with the now defunct tea-party movement are almost entirely responsible for his ratings boom.

Bye-bye Beck.


I don't think Beck has much material left to use. He cannot swing any momentum he generates because there is no decent candidate against Obama right now. There is nowhere for him to go.


Agreed. Unfortunately the GOP is looking sour and I dont think that will change.


He didn't get the boot, his media studio is merging with FOX news and he is going to be working with that.

To the idiot that thinks the Tea Party is dead just wait till primaries kick off.


You must be speaking of Keith (bathtub boy) Olbermann. He went bye-bye. They ended his association with MSNBC. There are live acts that tour in your city that have a larger audience in concert than Keith Olbermann's new show viewership.

That didn't happen to Glen Beck & his company, he's still with FOX and morphing show into specials. http://minx.cc/?post=314401

On a Barbara Walters ABC special, Beck was selected as one of Americaâ??s "Top 10 Most Fascinating People" of 2009.[133] In 2010, Beck was selected for the Times top 100 most influential people under the "Leaders" category. WTF is with liberal news not explaining full story.

Joint press release stated: Beck company will "develop and produce a variety of television projects for air on the Fox News Channel as well as content for other platforms including Fox News' digital properties." No where is that mentioned in liberal news because they omit. Liberal media doesn't necessarily lie but they slant stories by omitting facts.

It's up to you if you wish to be offended or not. If you're bothered by Beck, then chill out and ignore him. Tune your TV back to Rachel (little boy) Maddow in those stupid V-Neck shirts.

To comment that he speaks outrageous sh_t, wtf country do you live in? In the US we have freedom of speech. If you don't get it or can't sit through simple comparisons to what they did in the USSR & China and what is happening here turn the channel.

Glen Beck saying outrageous things like what? That Obama is racist? Gee is there a reason the Black Panthers standing in front of voting location with club in their hand was ignored other than say maybe your administration is racist? See this then ask yourself if the animal with the club was white & the Bush admin was in power then did nothing if that would be OUTRAGEOUS.

Why doesn't Barrack Hussein Obama close our borders like Mexico does their southern border? Hey look at the pimp friend of the Obamas arrested: http://www.kitv.com/news/27458519/detail.html


You've never even watched Beck's show because you would know that he prepares like he's teaching a life saving course & he leaves nothing out. He has admitted whenever something he said was incorrect. What more can a human do?

His TV show had over 3 million viewers for some shows, on that same day CNN gets 770,000????


Glenn Beck is a demagogue. It makes me happy that his show will no longer be aired.


I think Beck really did himself in. He took some great points, and spun them into something so extreme that he lost people. The sad thing is, I don't think he even needed to go so extreme, the truth is the ultimate equalizer.


Glenn Beck is a media clown who's job is to stir up shit on television. His idiotic personality and stupid, hysterical remarks make him an easy target for liberals, who take advantage of him to attack capitalism by proxy.


M-F 5P-6P GLENN BECK.....................1,939....2,781...462.....731
M-F 5P-6P SITUATION ROOM.................726......661.....205.....149
M-F 5P-6P HARDBALL W/C.MATTHEWS..........679......524.....142.....95
M-F 5P-6P SHOWBIZ TONIGHT................180......213.....71......86
M-F 5P-6P FAST MONEY-OPTIONS ACTION......216......249.....46......55

here are glenn becks ratings - while they are definitely down from last year, he is still way above and beyond the competition. as a matter of fact, he has more viewers in every quarter than his competition combined.

has anyone with any credibility released any information on why they are parting ways? everything i have read so far is just rumor and speculation.

edit -
just fixed the table


(eye roll) This is T-Nation PWI forum. We don't need any facts to trash someone. All we need is a political opinion. We then move forward with that opinion and make up our own facts. Now take your quality information and get the hell out of here.


"Beck was selected as one of Americaâ??s "Top 10 Most Fascinating People" of 2009.[133] In 2010, Beck was selected for the Times top 100 most influential people under the "Leaders" category. WTF is with liberal news not explaining full story."

This really says a lot about how sad a shape we are in. Totally true but telling 2009 must have been a pretty un-fascinating year.


sorry sorry - thought i was on another forum

yeah glenn beck is an asshole - he got what he deserved - it was obvious what was going to happen when he turned down Wendi Deng Murdoch's invitation for threesome.


lol. best quote ever.


Is what I would say to Glenn Beck. I don't think it's any secret that I'm not fond of him. At all. And ratings don't equal quality of insight, I think everyone knows that. The guy knows how to make waves but he's a conspiracy lunatic. Even republicans have been trying to distance themselves from him. He's flat out crazy (notice I'm not calling him a liar so don't start the "HERP DERP TELL ME WHERE HE LIED DERPPPP"). I mean he just is out there. Most of the stuff he says has no bearing in reality. Sure, I suppose the crap he says could be true, but until someone proves his outrageous claims then they're just that. And for all the people who think he's so revolutionary, what has he done? What has he accomplished that has helped anyone? Seriously, good riddance to bad rubbish. He's not the only terrible talking head; there are enough to go around on fox, msnbc, cnn, etc. He's just the loudest and most obnoxious.


Why do you say the president's Full Name? We don't say George Washington Bush, or Ronald Wilson Reagan. Only reason I can think of is to suggest that he is related to terrorism or something of the sort. Go kill yourself douchebag.


You people are such dopes. You don't get the whole story you listen to other dopes tell you what to think and then you comment on what have no idea is going on.

Glen Beck did not get booted. You liberals are one step thinkers.

READ LIBERAL MORONS - it's even the liberal NY TIMES giving you the info


Now let's sit and watch another 200 liberal morons go on about Glen Beck getting booted even though he isn't. ahahahahahahahahaha


Well you appear to be full on short bus Retard........go away. I'm a Republican and you make my head numb.


Olbermann - gone, thank jeebus.

Beck - gone, thank jeebus

Hannity - please be gone I pray to jeebus

Maddow - please be gone sooner, I pray to jeebus.

The sooner these vitriolic hate spewers are gone from MSNBC and FOX News.....the better off we will all be.