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Glen Johnson def. Alan Green!


I know I am "infamous" for loving the heavyweights when it is not fashionable to do so, but believe it or not one of my favorite fighters is Glen "the Road warrior" Johnson. Been a fan of his a long time. Glen is like the Mail, he is always coming, and always delivers!

well, got dropped into the super six tournament due to various reasons, and knocked out Alan Green with a huge overhand right to the back of the ear. Green, being the bitch he is, is now protesting the result saying he actually beat the count. anybody with the sense God gave a billy-goat who saw the fight knows Green was out and even if he beat the count was in no shape to continue.

I am picking Glen to be the sleeper in the super six!!!


He'll give the fighters some trouble with his style.

Allan Green is a moron, a ref isn't going to stop the count. You still have to beat it. He also had trouble getting up so I'm thinking he was trying to buy time by saying he was hit behind the head, in reality it wasn't intentional so I doubt it wouldn't be counted as a knock down. I'm glad to see him out of the tournament.


Andre Ward is by far the best in there. I like Glen, tough guy, but he's getting too old and Ward is simply on the rise.

By 2016 we should have a winner of this tournament...


not intentional? he did not hit him behind the head at all...watch the fight again. compare that punch with 2 of the three "rabbit punch" knockdowns Peter gave Wlad K. in their first fight.

Glen hit him right on the ear, as green was turning away and leaning over after being stunned from a previous punch.

You are right though, styles make fights, and Glens straight forward style will give some of those defensive fighters fits.

Glen is the perfect example of how solid boxing fundamentals will carry you a long way in this sport.

Glen keeps his guard high at all times, and stays busy with straight hard punches, he just does not walk in, but he jabs and crosses his way into range.

Plus Glen is physically strong, and anyone who knows anything about fighting and competitive sports at all, knows that strength is the last thing an aging athlete will lose.

AND Glen is tough. so a strong tough old guy with sound fundamentals. he makes for a tough opponent for anybody. He is CONSISTENT too. the beats the guys he should beat, AND he gives tough fights to guys who SHOULD have handled him with no problem. I believe his first fight with Chad Dawson and his fight with Tavaris Cloud both could have been called draws, or even wins for Johnson.

I could talk about Glen all day... like I said , he is one of my favorite fighters.


that was for you Irish :wink:


haha, well said.

I agree Ward is still the favorite, but I still call Glen the sleeper/dark horse in this one.

Ward is a younger, slick, FAST, counter puncher. That will make trouble for Glen. Chad Dawson had the same advantages over Johnson, and beat him soundly the SECOND time they fought. Ward is even faster than Dawson, BUT, Ward will not have the size advantage Dawson had over Glen. Will that make a difference... I don't know, but I hope we will find out!


To add on to what I was saying about Glen's fundamentals. He got owned by Roy jones first time they fought. Jones was a slick fast counter puncher with freakish talent. Also he had an unorthodox style.

In there second fight, Jones had aged some, lost a little bit of his freakish speed and reflexes, and the even older Johnson who had the better fundamentals Knocked him the fuck out!

Same thing with Ali. freakish speed and talent, which when he was younger let him get away with stuff that once he aged a little bit and slowed, he started getting hit.



It's behind the head but Green set himself up for it by ducking down and away.

Semifinals has switched to single elimination so it will speed the tournament up lol.

I think he'd give Ward trouble if Ward tries to fight him inside, Ward is going to really have to box him. I think Ward will win but it'll be a challenge for him.

I think Johnson could take Froch, maybe even Abraham. Depending on who he gets matched up against he might make it to the finals.


Hard not to like Glen, he seems like such a nice guy... I doubt there is anyone that wouldn't like to see him top of the division.

But Andre Ward is where it's at.

I still believe that Bute can take anyone else. Including Johnson.


He signed a multi fight deal with Showtime so we'll be finding out who the best at 168 is after the tournament.


I've heard. Needless to say, I can't wait.