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Glee - What is Wrong with America?


What the fuck is wrong with America? I just heard this show is number 1 or some shit.


Don't know, but that show is retarded.


wrong. that show is fucking sweet. you all can suuuuuck it


I like it. The vocals are actually pretty good. The plots are retarded, but I still watch it for the music. To anyone who's actually enjoyed singing in a choir, it's a decent show.


I like it. It's not the best show on tv, but there are much worse things on, especially ones that are girlfriend friendly.


Thank Christ you made this, simply a horrendous show.

...a bunch of quasi-actors doing terrible remakes of terrible songs. Whoo.


This essentially.

As a dude in an LDR (sigh) one of the few activities we can do together is watch shows together while skyping or whatnot. And I'd say it's easy enough to swallow as opposed to something like gossip girl. And she likes it better than something like Breaking Bad or the Walking Dead, so, yeah, it's a reasonable compromise.


Was appeasement a reasonable compromise for Hitler?


I remember seeing an advertisement for it saying "the number 1 Musical Comedy show on TV!" - I'd like to know what was second - Law & Order or CSI perhaps?


Yea I heard something similar earlier. I watched about 5 min. of it and I must say, the music is terrible, the acting sucks, and it just seems sooo... anit-T.

To everyone that watches it with the GF or Wifey.. I feel sorry for you, but I understand. I'm just glad my girl hates it as much as I do.


I'm with you. Never watched an ep, but don't need to.

I was shocked when a trainer at work admitted to liking the show, and he's perhaps the last guy I would peg for like such a show.


There are people who hate this shit too? Finally. I don't understand how people allow themselves to be fed such garbage from the TV day in and day out.

Well it's true, the only TV show that ever really mattered to me is Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Watched Season 1 about 3 times so far.


I don't even think my wife knows this show exists. Lucky me. Except this shit is on all the time on the local cable channel called Star World.

It's basically a Variety Hour held precariously together by thinly constructed plot and wooden acting by unknown actors - except perhaps Jane Lynch who I only know watching 40 YO Virgin and Role Models.


I'm to the point now where if it isn't animated, I have no interest.


Don't worry "The Walking Dead" will be number one soon enough


I'm glad I haven't heard of most of the shows or actors people come on here to complain about.


Speaking of which it got approved for a 13 episode 2nd season.


The voices sound perfect because they autotune the hell out of 'em.

I usually enjoy covers, but these sound creepily perfect...too sterile, if you will.


I don't know what this show is about, I heard it's about some guys who sing. What I can say is that if they're not blowing coke and banging hookers and living like Led Zeppelin, it probably sucks.

Who watches network TV anymore? Only ones i go near are History, National Geographic, etc. I'm completely in the dark about anything on Fox or Abc or whatever


Well, Jersey Shore was a number 1 show too. I think being patently horrible is a prerequisite for being a number one show.