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Glass in My Spinach Roll

I had some food delivered last night from a local Pizzeria.

Ordered chicken cutlet parmigiana on a hero and a spinach roll.

I cut the roll in half and wolfed down about two bites. On the third bite I bit inot something really hard and heard a crack. I thought I bit into a rock or something and broken a tooth.

I immediately spit everything I had in my mouth onto my plate and started rooting through the chewed up food.I found two shards of glass. I assume it was one shard and I cracked it in half when i bit into it.

I was a bit perturbed.

I called the pizzeria and told them what I had discovered. They were shocked and offered to send me a replacement roll and along with my money back. I’ve eaten at this establishment many times before and I love this place.

Anyways, I told them they might want to throw out all their spinach just in case and they said, “of course!”

I called 311 (a New York city thing) and I asked them what I should do. I didn’t request an ambulance but I did file a complaint with the Dept of Health, because that is what I was advised to do in the event that I need to sue.

They then dispatched police officers to my house (why I don’t really know). The cops came and they were cool. They saw the glass and I recounted the story for them.

They asked me if I at least got the food for free and my reply was, “Honestly guys, I was just hungry so I asked them to send me another chicken parm.” They laughed, I thanked them for coming and they were on their way.

Anyways…I feel fine today and I am not planning on suing or anything. Of course, if I get sick or something I am definitely going to sue but if I’m okay health wise, then I’m cool with it.

I’m glad that a complaint was filed and the cops came by to see the glass bits just in case a law sut is necessary.

other than that, is there something else I’m supposed to do? I might call a lawyer just for some general counsel on the matter but your thoughts would be appreciated.

It doesn’t sound like you were hurt, just surprised. You’ve already called the health department. No point in suing anyone, especially if you like the place.

Just chalk it up as a cool story to tell your friends.

I would say you could at least press them for some more free food. I wouldn’t sue either, but whereas a suit would cost them serious cash, a few pies on the house won’t really cost them anything.