Glass Ampule, Some Medication in Lid?

Morning all,

I’m using 250mg/ml single use vials. The glass ones with a snap lid. Proper pharmacy prescribed.

It appears half of the medication is in the lid… is this correct? Is this to split dosing?

I’ve tried tapping it and it wont fall into the main compartment, it’s like the glass has been formed and separated the two sides.

I’m new to this so sorry if this is a stupid question?

Can you take a picture and upload it?

Not sure how to do that as I only have a mobile phone to access this.

Sorted one earlier, you can draw the medication from the lid if the ampule so I pulled it all out if with sections then transferred half into a second syringe. Need to look at a more long term solution for this though as this is really faffing about!

I use those, never yet had anything in the upper part that breaks off. If I turned it upside down I guess it could get in there, but I hold it upright when I crack it open.