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Glap1950 Log


So I've been meaning to do this as well. Nikki reminded me that I do not have a log here. As I am just getting back into the gym after a two year lay off due to service connected injuries, I am starting from scratch.

I do Mon, Wed, Fri....Back and Bi's on Mon...Chest and Tri's on Wed...Shoulders and legs on Fri. I do 3 sets of 10 on everything as I feel that I need to treat my body as if I'm a beginner. If this is not correct, and feedback is greatly appreciated. I do:

DB Curls
Preacher Curls
Lat Pulldowns
Bent Rows

Flat bench w/DB's
Incline Benceh with DB's

Tricep extensions behing the neck
Pulldowns with the short rope

Legs are a challenge as this is where my injuries are. I am working on squats with just the bar.

On Tues and Thurs I do abs and cardio
On Sat and Sun I rest....:slight_smile: