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Glands Beneath the Nipple?

I don’t know if I am just paranoid or if I have a slight case of gyno. I haven’t done a cycle yet, and I am not sure if this is just normal or abnormal. When you pinch some fat on your stomach or arms, all you get is fat, but if you pinch your nipple, should you feel a small hard round gland kind of thing.

It is not big nor has anyone ever said anything. My nips are usually puffy, and when they are puffy, they are easily seen though thin clothing, almost look like they are drooping a bit.

I was just wondering if we should have ANYTHING behind our nipples, is it just suppose to be skin, fat, and muscle? If not, how small should this gland be. It is not right UNDER my nipple, but a few layers of skin under it.

Sounds like gyno, but it’s hard to know just from a written description. See gynecomastia.org . If it bothers you enough, you can spend $5k to have a plastic surgeon remove it.

I think ALL men have the ability to grow breast tissue, the majority of us will have by 75.

There are mammory glands there anyway, just tiny, not noticeable for alot.

Due to fertilizers, water filtration systems, plastics, chemicals - there is alot more estrogenic compounds entering the male body than say, 100 years ago. 50 even.

This gives rise to higher than ever numbers of male gynocomastia. Some will have such a slight swelling they dont notice it, some may notice it, and some get massive tits. This is also genetic, as some guys can take 1g of test a week and still not get gyno symptoms.

The point is. Its here, deal with it. If you use steroids, you know what you need to do to combat/avoid/control estrogenic sides… if you dont use aas, keep an eye on it and maybe visit the doctor… i doubt they will do anything until it is highly visible and you are contemplating suicide however. If you have a tiny lump, and you are in your 20’s, i doubt you will have many problems unless yout testes are not putting in the work necessary… keep an eye on it, and dont worry… worrying about it makes them grow fast as shit!!

Just my opinion. Joe

I’m fairly certain I have a very slight case of gyno. It has never gotten any worse and always stayed the same. I carry more fat under my nipple region than I do on other parts of my chest. I have a lot less fatty tissue an inch an a half under my nipples, I do not know if that helps for comparison. Apparently, it is completely unnoticeable, except one time my sister joked about my taking steroids because it started to look like I have man boobs. No one has ever said anything except her, and that was once. I was wondering if Letro would help eliminate some or all of my gyno. I do not like carrying extra fat there as it gives me a softer look rather than a harder one.

This is what MY gyno looks like:

Note that this is not me in the pics, but rather what my gyno, or what I think is gyno, resembles.

Example #2

That second one is noticeably worse than the first. The second one looks like gyno that is a potential problem, but the first one… i seen loads of lads with that body-type (kinda skinny fat0 with that “puffy nipple” look, it probably IS a slight lump, but it will for the most part stay that way unless AAS or excessive alcohol ABUSE is introduced…

Which are you most like?

you may have a very slight case, however that second picture in my opinion makes it look much more than it is.

Ive posted a picture below i think which shows you my left pec, if i pose it this way i always think it looks like i have it, i know however that i do not.

As said, see a doc, though age dependant it may just be part of your hormonal system being crazy so he may not be too interested.

All the best.

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back at you bushidoboobboy :wink:


It is more of an inbetween Examples 1 & 2, but more closely related to 1. I would say it was fat, but I felt a hard lump underneath both my nipples. Still wondering if letrozole would do the trick.

Is there a way to get your insurance to pay for it. Like telling the doctor its so painful and keeps you up and night. Also my research company doesnt have any bromo to take with my tren does any know of one? Sorry to change the subject just checking around because the vit b-6 is’nt strong enough anymore.