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When do I get to be such a serious T-Man that I get to get fed huge amounts of food everyday, train like there is no tommorrow, and sleep? It seems to me if you wanted to get real huge you wouldn’t have time for a job. So lets bring Gladiators back. They won’t kill each other but they do have to beat the stuffing out of the other guys. For doing so they get to live in Olympic facilites, eat whole organic foods prepared by world famous chefs, and beautiful women (or men, Gladiatrix-female Galdiators, yes they existed) will be their personal servants. How does that sound T-Men T-Vixens? The getting the stuffing beaten out of me is the only draw back…

Hey, you should try-out for WWE.

Isn’t that called the NFL, or professional boxing, or…

ice hockey

Don’t forget MMA/Ultimate Fighting type events. If that isn’t the closest we have to modern gladiator combat I don’t know what is!

See there is still responsibilities that need to be taken care of for those professionals. I don’t want to have to care about that. Just get “hooge”! And have lots of attractive women around me… as well as really good food.