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Glad to See Some Other Ladies...


Hi, I'm new! I hope it's okay to start a post here. I'm just glad to see there's a section for the ladies here. I actually found out about T-Nation yesterday when I stumbled upon a link called "Sexy Female Training." I started looking around and it seems like this place looks very helpful and knowledgeable.

I'm involved with another fitness place online, I won't name names, and I have many of their at-home workout products. I feel like there are some things I've been looking for that aren't really provided there, and after looking around here, I think there are things here that are a breath of fresh air!

I always feel kind of weird posting introductions on new forums... I guess I just figure people probably aren't interested in hearing a lot of background info, but here goes anyways...

I've been struggling to lose weight and be in my best shape for about 4 years now. At my heaviest four years ago, I was 172 pounds and 5'2". Right now I'm down to 153, but I've been fluctuating a lot over the past few years, getting down to 138 last summer, and all the way up to 160 right after my wedding last October. I've also gone back and forth with muscles and strength.

Unfortunately, I've also been struggling with bulimia and overeating/binge eating as well as some anxiety problems for the past couple of years. I've been seeing a therapist for about 6 months now, though, and I think I've made a lot of progress. Despite having issues related to food, I've always been interested in nutrition and fitness, and I'm actually hoping to get certified as a personal trainer sometime in the next year. My goal is to find a way to still enjoy and partake in food and fitness interests without letting it be effected by, or have an affect on my food issues. I have hope, though, that with a little more work I'll finally get past some of my current problems.

One of the reasons I became interested in joining in here, is that I get the impression that this website/forum is a place where it's okay for women to be strong, and that it's not just about "skinny" I'm not looking to compete or anything, or become super muscular, but I'm hoping this is a place where women don't have to have that "waif" look and instead can be fit and toned, strong and capable.

Anyways, that's kind of my story, and I hope it wasn't too boring. I'm looking forward to learning more here and getting to know all of you! :slight_smile:


Don't use the word "toned".


Just sayin, not hatin on ya or anything.
Other than that, you're good to go.


Welcome! I am pretty much a newcomer myself. I've been here a few months. I have found this to be a very welcoming and supportive place, and somewhere folks are not afraid to give you a good kick in the ass, if that is what you need.

It is also a heck of a lot of fun! Hope you find what you need here.





Welcome aboard! i like your healthy attitude.


Glad to have you here! If you've got a desire to be strong and healthy and a relatively thick skin, you'll fit in just fine! =D


Oh, sorry, didn't realize that was a taboo word here. Lol. Why is that? Just curious. I guess it does kind of smack of magazine-cover shallowness in terms of fitness. Like I said, I came from another online community and I can definitely say that word was tossed around a lot over there.

I just think the mentality was a bit different over there... I'm hoping this community has a different thought stream. Thanks for the heads up, though... I don't want to make a faux pas or anything!


Pretty much what I was getting at.

Plus, words like "toned" and "sculpting" imply that women do not train seriously like men do. It smacks of sexism and just plain grinds my gears.


Thanks for clarifying and very good point! :slightly_smiling:


Welcome, I look forward to following your progress


Personally I love a nice toned woman. My favorite place to find such a woman is in an ab sculpting class, or arm toning clinic. It's like heaven on Earth.

Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the smiting


PS, Just kidding about my previous post .. glad you're here Kmhally, there's a great bunch of strong, smart women here and at least one dead sexy guy (that would be me). Welcome and congrats on your progress.



Come on now. Who are you kidding? Everyone here wants to be toned and sculpted. You may be the only one who does not..... Quit trying to throw your ideals on the newbies :slightly_smiling:


So will you be the sexy dead guy after we get through with your toning comments? mmmmm necrophilia. How did you know polo?

Welcome to the boards. You will get a lot of support and advice around here.


Dammit, you're right! I'm just jealous because I'm bulky and nobody likes a bulky woman.

Except a few weird weasely guys who want me to give them a beating.


Oh Momma, of course we dont like bulky women.

We like the big scary kind with veiny arms, hairy chins, and deep voices. Ya know, more manly than the average construction worker.

Because that's what lifting heavy does to women.

Welcome, Kmahlly.


Lol, well, I think I definitely fall into the bulky category, too. I've always joked that I'm a draft horse, not an Arabian. Funny enough, the two most common comments I get are - "Holy crap, look at your biceps!" and "Man, your calf muscles are so chiseled and big!" Now don't get me wrong, there is certainly a nice layer of fat on top of everything that I've been struggling to get rid of... In the past these comments always embarrassed me... but now I'm starting to think maybe these comments are a good thing. It does make finding knee-high boots difficult, though!

On an unrelated note... anyone else see the annual obesity report news this morning?



you got me curious to see your calves and arms lol ... I'm not surprised about the obesity report, but are the numbers based on BMI or actual bf% I wonder?




Thanks for the suggestion with zappos. I didn't think of that.

I should post a pic sometime or something. Right now my biceps are about 13" and my calves are about 15 1/2" but like I said... I'm sure if I can get my body fat percentage lower those numbers will go down. At my strongest, I was doing 20lb bicep curls and I could do about 5 unassisted pull-ups, and about 35 push-ups (regular, not on the knees). That was last year, though, and since it's been a while I'm sure I've lost some strength. Guess planning a wedding will do that to you (got married in October).