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Glad to Be Home


HH, what'd you tell the school admin and your students about being hemmed up in the hoosegow?



Is it just me or are his numbers lifted in his profile inflated beyond belief. Wondering if it was a joke or he seriously posted those thinking people would believe that shit. I know big dudes who can't even hit those numbers probably.


Those numbers look BEYOND elevated. I don't believe them for shit.


What you talking about?


Street cred > internet lifts.


How much time did you serve in jail Clip?


I see a glimmer of hope - if he continues on his current trajectory (which I seriously don't hope, because even the most idiotic of trolls deserves a chance to make something out of their lives), he'll stop posting here soon.

To the OP: stop being an arse and people will actually like you; and they won't throw you in jail. It's a win-win situation - I don't get why you don't seem to understand that.



Whats an arse?


Well im off house arrets now so i can go back to the weight room


You're a true thug clip, thug life.