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Glad to Be Home


I just got out of the city jail and let me tell you, theres nothing like being home. I got bonded out a few hours ago. You just dont know! If youve never been locked up dont go...im telling you!

I planned to get me some pussy, but im on house arrest as part of my bond condition until my case is settled so, no wet wet for me. But I am glad to be home!


So what did you do?


did they put it in your pooper?


Fixed... because i'm feeling immature.



I loled


Was it because of that chick you thought who was of age?


Weapons cahrges. I got to get my tether tomorrow.


I can always use a good laugh, even if its at my own expense.


I did manage to avoid this guy...........


damn clip11 pulled a ti


Then my job is done.


How much time did you spend in jail?


LOL I remember that documentary, just not that part OMFG LMAO!@ #@!@!@#

"when he was in his prime, they wouldn't be safe from his advances either"

"you come here you.....I'll tell what..uh...I like ya...and I want cha...we can do this the easy way or the hard way" LOL

"sag your pants up in here will be up in ya butt"

omg im dyin.


without clicking that link i already know what it is.

"they say its a style...a gangsta style...i think its sexy"


I like how he was like "a man's butt........is more important to us than water." "I Like Booty!".

hella long pauses...wonder what he was thinking about.


He was thinkin about the joy of booty and how good it was. The look in his eyes is saying "If havin some man butt is wrong I dont wanna be right."


Why do they have the scary music playing in he background while fleece is talking?


I got horny while I was locked up, but in no way shape or form did i start thinking about taking another mans ass.



Your thread doesn't surprise me, what with all the other stupid gangsta-type boasts you post on these forums.

You're really an impressive dude who keeps on perpetuating the stereotype.


I think this guy's story is so overinflated and exaggerated beyond belief. This is why people in jail/prison don't stroll the yard alone. The moment someone tells you that they are gonna take your ass from you the easy way or hard way, it would be go time. Instant fight, and one way or the other, the gump would know you aren't someone who will just give it to you so easily.