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GLA and Fat Loss


Evening primrose contains around 8-10 percent gla (gamma linoeic acid). Studies on overweight humans yeilded a loss of 23 pounds in 8 weeks. Phenomenol results. I'm going to try a megadose and will hopefully see some fat loss.


You are kidding, right?


actually GLA is very, it's why it is in FA3. GLA has anti-inflammatory properties and helps stave off certain cancers.

Waterbury recommends this...

Body weight (lbs) | GLA per day (240-mg softgels)
100-150 | 4
150-200 | 6
200+ | 8

Take in 2 divided doses, i.e. half at breakfast, half at dinner.


I believe borage oil contains more GLA per given unit. Try that instead if it means less pills.


I am not questioning GLA. I take it myself. I am questioning "megadosing".

If you think that one ingredient is the shits for fat loss, you need to re read every article on this site.

If I can't loose weight, I'm going to megadose. Thats going to fixit.


Megadosing can have an inflammatory effect on the body.


I would like to megadose Megan Fox.


x2 on the Borage Oil. Jarrow makes a good product.


Shelby Starnes wrote in one of his e-books that he recommends evening primrose oil over borage oil because of better bio availability, something to think about.


hahahaha. i can imagine that would result in considerable fat loss :wink:


After mega dosing on garlic, broccoli, BCAA and self-wrestling - have you ever thought that the saying "more is better" might not suit nutrition? Have you learnt anything from the above?


Yup, it's all about the energy systems work!


Yep, the "more is better" approach doesn't really apply to nutrition and especially supps.

GLA being a fat, taking it in quantities that will disrupt the ratios of the other types of fat you consume is not a good idea.

Besides, if your diet and training are not dialed in, no supp is going to get you where you want to go. Sorry.


Hey been reading about gla. Can help people with depression who rely on alcohol to feel good. Alcohol increases pge1, just like gla does. Common problem with people from celtic, irish, scottish, welsh and scandinavian roots. They lack the ability to convert linolenic acid to gla, which converts to pge1.

I'm half irish, half scottish, suffer from depression and have used alcohol since early teens to feel good. Been taking 6 capsules of gla for two days and am feeling much more cheerful, my brother says i have been glowing... good times, good stuff.


An update. Feeling great! Looking a little leaner, some muscle gain aswell i think. Joints are feeling a bit ropey though. Might have to add fish oil.

My appetite has skyrocketed but am not craving carbs like usual... kinda weird.

So far so good.


all that just from GLA over a couple days?


YES... I think i was deficient in this fatty acid, or i wasn't getting it converted properly. I'm sticking with it!


Poliquin wrote about GLA and ALA (with rehab work) for helping with Sciatica and Low Back Pain.. nothing about fat loss.



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INTERESTING NEWS UPDATE!!!! Gave my brother a load of evening primrose oil. He took four 1000mg capsules a day. The result:

                               HE LOST 22LBS IN 3 WEEKS!!!!!!

Now that's results that speak for themselves! It wasn't so dramatic with me but i think i know the reason. GLA works by increasing the amount that brown fat burns calories. Now brown fat is the sedentary, hibernation fat. I probably have little but my brother likely has a lot as he lives a very sedentary lifestyle... and no he didn't change his diet or daily activity during these 3 weeks.

This supplement is useless for fat loss if you are relatively lean but the fatter you are the better it works, or so it seems. This correlates with all the research i have done.