Giving WS4SB a Go


I’ve been working out for a solid 6 months trying several workouts and they’ve all had some success, the latest I’ve decided to give a go is DeFranco’s west-side for skinny bastards. The program appealed to me since it seems to combine size with a decent strength gain ( correct me if I’m wrong? ).

My question is twofold:
-Are my expectations for this program correct (Great size increases with decent strength gains and some athletic improvements)?
-If I made any mistakes in making the program below please point them out

Bench Press ME 3-5 rotating with Incline bench press/closegrip bench when progress stalls

DB Bench press 2x max

Barbell Row 4x8-12
Rear delt Fly 4x8-12

DB shrugs 4x8-12

Hammer Curls 4x8-12


Vertical jumps 5x3

Bulgarian Split Squat 3x8-10

Hyperextensions 3x8-12

Weighted ab exercise 4x10-15


Incline DB press 3x max

Straight arm pulldown 4x8-12
Facepull 4x8-12

DB military Press 4x8-12

Barbell Curls 4x8-10
Shrugs 4x8-10

Heavy DB holds 3xmax


Box Squat ME 3-5 rotating with deadlift when progress stalls.

Step-ups 3x6-12

Pull-Throughs 3x8-12


The program is sound. Just give it a honest go for at least a month and see what it does for you? If your nutrition and rest are reasonable, then you have no where to go but up. Make sure you read the ebook several times in its entirety. Most people get nothing from programs like this because they either don’t train with any real intensity, their nutrition sucks ass, they give up too soon because they didn’t get a 400# bench, 500# squat, and 18in arms with 6% bodyfat in a week, or they misunderstand the core principles of the program. Make sure you have clear, distinct goals and focus your training on that goal. Also it is important to believe in the program and yourself, otherwise would result in a half-assed effort which will produce half-assed results. Good luck!

I’ve decided to switch the direct bicep work on thursday for triceps DB extensions since I seem to struggle with the last bit of my bench press. I assume that’s the idea with choosing the assistance exercises ?