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Giving Up


On trying to find and use legit steroids. I have been scammed numerous times, either getting bunk shit or not getting anything at all. I never in a million years thought it would be this damn hard to get legit shit...So now I have one option really...train naturally. Or of course fuck with designers. Pretty bummed out.


Idf that is you - then that is a shame as you have a good build naturally..

PM me.


What part of florida do you live in bro?
PM me.


Same story here in Denver, I'll be going the PH route after the New year. I feel your bummage.


I would help you out with an online source but truthfully Ive been getting stuff from domestic brewers for so long I honestly dont know which sites if any are still reliable.

And Im not quite willing to put anyone in contact with my domestic boys that I met online.