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Giving Up on Women


I'm turning twenty in a few days and I have yet to kiss a girl. Being 5'6 doesn't help my situation.
On a positive note, I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that I will probably die alone. So yeah, glad I could share.


Chicks probably don't want to kiss you because you sound pathetic and have no confidence. Who cares how tall you are. Be proud of who you are.


I'm 5'7 and hooked up with quite a few women, being 20 too and as of today in a 3 year relationship (hooked up with other women before, lolz). So just go out there and be confident, don't fear rejection, be positive and outgoing. Just get out there and live it boy. Fear and thoughts will get you nowhere, a smile and confidence can get you on top (pun intended).


Don't give up on women...they may be frustrating at times but when it comes to sex women are great and THE ALTERNATIVE IS TERRIBLE....unless you have lots of butter.


I lost my virginity to a girl the same night that I had my first kiss, and I didn't know the girl very much at all. I had no real vivid sex drive through puberty, the only reason I got my shit together for a night and had sex was so I could declare that I wasn't a virgin by the time I hit eighteen. So far I've only had sex twice and I've no particular interest to chase any girls at the moment, maybe that will change in future, but for now I'm alright.

If you're going to go through mood swings, consider just biting the bullet and finding an easy lay. When I say consider that doesn't mean I suggest it, how well you'd jive with that is entirely down to you and your better judgement, it just helped me out at the time for what I wanted to come of it. Weigh your options, if you're the relationship type then this likely wouldn't be your thing. I was more emotionally depressing/depressed before than I was after though, so at least there's that chance up and over the other side of the hill.


ahahaha wtf!? Man don't fret, like these other guys have said just be confident (and get super jacked ands shredded, that doesn't hurt either lol) even it you talk to 10 women and 9 of them reject you, that 1 sucess makes it all worth it


If you lived close to the west-coast, I could take you under my wing for a weekend and show you the ropes...

There are a few things I remind myself of, before I go to encounters with Females:

1) They are stupid as shit, and only want to hear what they want to hear... so feed them some bullshit. They want to know that you are passionate about something, that you care about shit like a hurt cat on the side of the road..

2) DO NOT put them on a pedestal... Actually, the less you can "seem to care" about them at the present time, and the more you can seem to "just be passing the time by talking to you" the more interested they will be.

Annnnnd... This guy nailed it. Confidence is NOT about being good-looking, or rich or being 'hung'. It's about being who you are, and being perfectly comfortable in that skin, with all the strengths you possess as well as flaws. Trust me, EVERYONE has flaws and insecurities... Life is about adapting and dealing with them appropriately.


I am only 5'0 so you would be plenty tall for a shorty pants like me...

Plus you lift so that kinda makes you wonderful.
I'm insecure and only get laid like once every 2.5 years which typically makes it very awkward and like "omg what's going on?! I'm getting laid??! This is so uncommon!!" So I really have no idea what I'm doing and I have yet to meet a boy whose insecurities match my own.

I really have no point.

No, yes I do.

There are girls out there in your situation, if not worse (I'm almost 27).

Don't give up on us, we need you.


If you're talking butter in the arse, who are you to judge my creamy butt preferences? That's just what I like, Jack.


Ron, it's not your height. I'm 6'1 and chicks still hate me.

Also, Calgary is nice this time of year. Maybe there's someone on here who could show you around if you wanted to take a little vacation.


Guys you are SICK!

I mean take a nice stick of butter and cut a hole in it and fuck that.


Whelp, now we know how big Nards is.


PS And Nards gets laid!


My business partner is 5'6" - maybe even 5'5" - and he absolutely kills it when he goes out. Which isn't very much any more, because he married a former model who is making well into 6 figures a year as a Bloomberg rep. My point is, you are who you are, but if you want to be successful with women you've got to own that shit.

I've got my own theory of why women like assholes. It's because they think that nice guys couldn't really, possibly be that nice. Women want authenticity. If you're an asshole, be an authentic asshole. If you're a computer nerd, be an authentic computer nerd. If you're short, own it. Once you're secure with who you are, you can work on your charisma. You know who gets laid all the time? Short dudes with charisma. Work on yourself. Read books, travel, expose yourself to new experiences and it will happen.

You know what women absolutely hate? Desperation. Ain't nothing worse than a whiny little short guy.


With a name like Ron Swanson, you should be getting laid.


W O W. Be my mentor, take all my money, and feed me with wisdom. I LOVE your theory on women.


If you count the Land 'o' Lakes hottie then yeah...plenty.


Things go a hole lot smoother if you make this little change to the package too.

  1. Fuck Bad Bitches
  2. Smoke Big Blunts


Get it over with and go to a prostitute...srsly