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Giving Up on Voting


I am considering not voting anymore. I have voted in at least 95% of any of the opportunities I had, out of respect for all the brave men and women who suffered and/or died so that I would have that privilege.

But it seems to me that voting makes no difference. Both from the Left and Right, people go to Washington DC and all that happens is that banks win and big corporations win.

I like the Tea Party but I just know that before too long, all the talk will become empty rhetoric and that most of these candidates will sell their souls for power and money.

The standard line is: if you don't vote, don't bitch. But then, when there's pretty much no difference between Obama and Bush, no difference between Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner...well, WTF...

I would LOVE to be convinced that voting is worthwhile. If someone has a non-insulting rationale for continuing to vote, then as Ross Perot said: "I'm all ears!"


Republicans and Democrats two side to the same coin


I'm really starting to believe that too. Here are some quotes I found:

â??Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It's just a goddamned piece of paper!â?? - George Bush

â??We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americansâ?? - Bill Clinton 1993

I remember Clinton saying that one actually.

There seems to be no significant difference between any of these people.


It has come to the point where conservatives should move to a certain region and liberals do the same. Split it off and we can both have our own utopias. See which one lasts......I agree that Dem/Rep is slowly turning into the same thing.




Not sure if you were talking about the "delete" or my comment.

If Delete, because it was a double post.

If my comment, because idiots are running this country into the freaking ground.

Hope you had a good Xmas HH.


Thank you, hope you did too.

I remember being happy in 2000 when Bush won -- "Now we can get some genuine conservative work done in DC. A Republican prez and Congress -- at last!!" How naive can a guy be!!

They're all evil.


Liberals would never do this as their existence is almost totally dependent on republicans. How would they pay their welfare and now unemployment welfare, and all of the other programs that subsidize the lazy without hard working republicans?

They need us we absolutely DO NOT need them.


Sad, but I feel the same. I always find myself voting for who I deem the least evil. It's like taking a test and instead of shooting for a high score, you are focused on just narrowly avoiding failure.


I want all of you nay sayers to remember who fought obamacare for two years even though the odds were against it they hung in there. THE REPUBLICANS! Don't give up guys if we can continue to steer them right they'll be even better.


I hate to hear you're losing patience Headhunter :confused: I think we all are to some degree when it comes to our government, country, and politics-- but that is a good thing, it means you care.

However, I must say there is a very large difference between Obama and George W. Bush.

Bush being a far superior President.


Regrettably...I'm getting to the same place, HH....



Come tomorrow...~ 10,000 "Boomers" PER DAY will be added to the retirement roles (which includes a lot of conservative retirees on Medicare)...

When the GOP (or ANYONE) comes up with a solution to the crushing cost of Medical Care...that group will have me as a supporter for Life...

"Just saying no" won't cut it.


Yep. And that 10,000 per day happens for the next 19 years I read.

The average Boomer is also almost broke. If the top 10% of income earners among Boomers is taken out, the rest have something like $2000 in retirement savings. I'll try and hunt down the article where I read that.

That's a huge shitstorm unfurling, but hey, at least Bush and Obama saved Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and all those wonderful folks!


The Republicans want us to believe that change is evil , the Democrats know it is imperative . The Republicans missed the opportunity to make America's health care the best in the world . IMO We will have two choices being one of the last boomers . One Change our social programs for seniors or Two let it collapse.

I am curious does any body have the statistics that back up the claim that Republicans are MORE gainfully employed than Democrats? Or is the claim disinformation designed to bolster more partisian bullshit


I agree.

We are encouraged to "pick a team" and demonize the other, when they both suck. Neither has our best interests in mind (well, unless you are a banker or a corporation).


My work here is almost done.


Ha, all we need now is more pitchforks!


Rifles work better and that way we don't have to get too close to them and catch their slimy diseases.


HH... I fear I've misjudged you. :slight_smile: Good post.