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Giving Up Hope, Need Help

So I’ve posted on here quite a bit, I have to say here seems the best place to get the best advice and people have the best knowledge.

I’ve been on TRT about 8 months and I just don’t feel any real difference at all, despite all my numbers looking good on paper, everything from blood count to lipids to thyroid to hormones now I’m on TRT.

When I first started TRT I was on Nebido through NHS and the first three weeks after I got my first shot at my doctors I felt incredible and the best I had felt in years, it’s like I could feel the testosterone in my body and coursing through my system, my mood was lifted, sex drive back, everything.

After two shots of Nebido I switched to a private clinic and was put on Test E and HCG.

About 8 weeks into Nebido I noticed my testicles shrinking and I lost all feeling in my penis and was basically castrated, hence why I went private to get HCG and a decent protocol.

The HCG worked and has worked in restoring my testicles size but I still just don’t feel how I did.

I mean I’m gaining good size and strength and more body hair and good physically but I just don’t feel that testosterone in my system like I did at the start.

Like you read all these stories on here and around the web of people feeling incredible on TRT and even people who are just on Test only and their testicles have shrank.

I just don’t get it, as I say my numbers are perfect, I’m on Test E every 3.5 days and HCH every other day. I get a bit tired of posting my numbers too and I know that’s what everyone asks but is there perhaps another reason for this?

I’m thinking that maybe TRT just isn’t for me, before TRT my test was very low but if I’m honest I was kind of just the same as I am now only without the same strength and endurance but mostly I was hoping that TRT would help me mentally and it did at the start.

I just don’t understand it, the testosterone is there in my system but it’s like I just can’t feel it.

Even when I have sex or get an erection that drive just isn’t there and I don’t feel that urge down below or that feeling that you want to bust a nut.

I will also add that I’ve been on Prozac for 7 years for anxiety and ocd intrusive thoughts.

When I started that as well it was incredible and it actually increased my sex drive.

So I don’t know whether this is perhaps a mental thing I have or to do with Prozac but I never had problems before having low levels while on Prozac with oragasms and busting a nut.

I have all I need to come off TRT, HCG and Clomid but I’ve just been holding off and holding off hoping that some day everything just changes and I get that drive and testosterone urge back again.

I just don’t know what to make of it, like I’ve read many studies recently about HCG and it doesn’t actually back fill the other hormones like everyone says it does.

Could this be a reason?

Maybe when I first went on Nebido all the natural hormones were still functioning and everything else was good and then there’s this sudden testosterone added in and that’s why I felt so good?

Now it’s like I’m just on synthetic testosterone and a synthetic LH analogue which isn’t even LH.

So it’s just like you have testosterone in your system but everything else like progesterone, pregnenolone and all the precursor hormones are just dead?

Also as I’m in the UK I can’t get tested for a lot of the back filling hormones.

On my last lab I had <0.7nmol/l progesterone which I know is made from pregnenolone so maybe that’s low?

Like guys are walking about solely on testosterone and feeling amazing, what about guys who have no testicles or have had them removed? Like how are they on injections and feeling incredible?

I just don’t know to be honest and if there’s anyone out there that can shed some light on this and help I appreciate it so much.

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