Giving thanks to Bill Roberts

I think we should all give a shout out of “thanks” to Bill Roberts for taking the time in giving us his attention and educated answers to our questions. Thanks Bill.

And thank you! I enjoy reading and participating on the Forum. It’s always great
reading about people’s successes with their training methods and things, and seeing good answers to people’s questions.

Yes, thank you. Your advice has definitely been very influential and insightful.


Bill is the (very knowledgable) man. I learned
more about androgens from him in 2 months
than I did from the whole BB industry in 2
years. And he has more ethics in his left hand
than the entire supplement industry put
together. He deserves all the success he gets.

Great job Bill. I applaud you. You take time out of your day to answer all of our questions. I see more activity on the forum from you than any other person involved with t-mag. That is what you get for being so intelligent I guess. Now tell me your new supp. :slight_smile:

just wanted to add my thanks to Bill as well. most of the time on message forums when you get advice you don’t know where its coming from and can’t be too sure of what others say. on this forum though i always feel a lot more at ease taking advice from people because of the quality of people that post here. when i ask a question about androgens or anything else that has to do with supplementation or the human body and Bill replies, i don’t question what he says one bit. he knows what he is talking about, he is an expert in his field, and if you ask him to explain the mechanisms behind what he posts he will do so in detail. so once again thanks Bill and all of the other experts that post here. we really do appreciate you taking your valuable time to help us all out.

I really like Bill’s approach to answering questions. If he knows a scientifically backed up answer then he tells you and if he isn’t sure then he tells you. Bill, thanks for all of the great replies.

Thanks Bill.

Yeah, thanks Bill.

P.S. Where can we see a picture of you?

Yup, Bill Roberts is a pretty darn cool guy - but would be EVEN cooler if he really, really did develop a Biotest Beer. :slight_smile:

Seriously, thanks Bill for your oh-so knowledgeable posts on the forum. A tremendous presence, indeed!

Ditto infinitum.

I still don’t understand how Bill has the time to participate as much as he does on the forum. He really has a passion for helping people and I know that I have learned a great deal from him as well as other forum contributors. Every time I think about how much I know now compared to 1 year ago or 2 years ago I wonder how much I’ll know in 1 or 2 years.

Always enjoy your posts and helpful comments. I just wish you would quit running through my neighborhood naked screaming something about T.C’s vaseline collectin. At least that’s what I thought I heard. Keep up the great work. Wher the hell is Tim?

Gracias por todo Bill.

Thanks to Bill Roberts, John Berardi, jman I’m going back now basically thanks to all t-mag has changed my physique to a point that was almost not possible without roids or prohormones. Thanks! Now I’m 200 lbs at 7%.

I will thank Bill in the forum of haiku:

Bill Roberts you are

forum mentor of virtue

preach on grandmaster

MBE: “Captain, it appears to be some human/monkey hybrid. Since the final frontier. JADABB founder, 2002.”


Thanks Bill for always taking the time to graciously answer questions, even when it’s the thousandth time people have asked you the same question, me included :slight_smile:

Bill, you da man…MB Eric, you’re insane (but I love it).

Thanks Bill, your opinions and insight are always helpful and greatly appreciated!

Thanks to all!