Giving Smolov a Try

Hi,i just turned 23 and i train for strength for almost 1 year (november 2007) and i am training since october 2006.I’m not a native english speaker and if i make mistakes i apologize. First,some background:

I have 90-92 kg(~ 200 pounds),6"0 and i am training raw (with only a belt) and my best lifts are :
squat estimated max 170 kg (375 pounds ),i have done a 150 kg low box squat a month ago and this is the weight used for Smolov.I hope that i made the correct decision.I will see.
bench 125 kg (275 pounds june 2008 )
deadlift 205 kg (450 pounds - april 2008)
I decided to make a training log to keep me on track and to ask you questions in an effort to improve these numbers …

Today i started Smolov cycle and my legs are sore already.
I hope i’m not gonna hurt my back and i hope i will finish the cycle.My goal is to do a 180 kg squat(400 pounds) by the end of september/beginning of october after completing the base mesocycle and the intense mesocycle …
11 august 2008:
protyazhka (snatch without a knee bend)+
wide grip BTN press
overhead squat
3 x 5 x 20,30,40 kg
A. beltless squat 70 % high bar atg(as my mobility allows)
4x9 x 120 kg (265 pounds) (it’s been a while since i haven’t done high reps and i’m not acclimated yet)
B. incline GHR strict (arms crossed at chest level) (the natural one)
4x 6
C. hyperextension
4 x 8 x 60 kg (132 pounds)
D. side bends
5 x 5 x 60 kg (132 pounds)
E. seated row
4 x 10

If you have questions/suggestions/comments i will be more than pleased…

Thanks to my recovery routine, today i was fresh and i felt really good.
today session -
Smolov workout 2 (note set x reps):
A. beltless squat 75 % high bar atg (as my mobility allows)
5 x 7 x 127.6 (280 pounds) - easy ,at least 3-5 left in the tank.
B. speed bench 9 x 3
C. dips 3 x 5
E. BB V-row 5 x 8
F. face pulls standing 3 x 15

Good workout ,i think i am acclimated more rapidly with the high reps than i was thinking .I will post some videos next session when i will have access to a digital camera.I may reduce the volume of the next full body workout depending on how i feel.

Smolov day 3,here is the video from today :

A.squat beltless 80 %
7 x 5 x 135 kg (300 pounds)
B. RDL 4 x 8 x 140 kg (310 pounds)
C. abs
D. some upper back

Squats are becoming toughish.Tommorow i will do 10 x 3 and i hope i will do them beltless.I will see.
RDL were hard,slow and the last 2 sets were to failure .I have a hard time keeping a neutral spine on them .I will cycle the volume in the next weeks.

I managed to do 10 x 3 x 145 kg (320 pounds), beltless.These were hard .
Today’s video ,smolov, week 1 ,day 4 :

I will post the next video in 3 weeks, at end of Smolov base mesocycle and i am hoping that 180 kg(400 pounds) will come.