Giving Plasma

I am not sure what the best forum for this post would be…but this forum gets lots of action.

Researching on Google has given me little feedback, so I was curious what some of you guys thought in regards to giving plasma.

Do you think that giving plasma twice a week would effect performance in lifting, sports, conditioning and such?

I would be interested to hear any personal experience or just logical feedback.


a friend of mine gave plasma fairly often last year at college to have some extra spending money on weekends and save what he made at work. He played rugby and lifted the whole time and had major problems with bruising, as in his whole arm was one giant bruise.

Im not sure if thats normal or something that just happened to him, but I would look for some more feedback to make sure youre not walking around black and blue.

I tried the whole donating plasma deal my freshman year of college and found that I had not motivation to do anything at all after giving plasma. I would go give a few times a week and when I was done I would go home and watch t.v. (I say that very loosely. I would go home and stare at the t.v. totally zoned out).

I would not recommend donating plasma unless your financial situation is extremely tight for a very brief period of time. It is a bad way to really rock the whole bodybuilding deal in my opinion