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Giving Out Info On Al-Queda Spy?

I heard a thing on fox news today saying that we had a spy in al-queda, and condi rice gave away info on him and then the NY times found out who it was and ran a story outing him? This supposedly led to all communication this guy had with al-queda to halt immediately. Is this true or somewhat true? Has anyone heard this? I haven’t been able to dig up anything online about this.

If this is true, Condi rice and the NY times should be held severely accountable. Supposedly this guy was a hub for sending messages from the upper levels of al-queda to the sleepers in various countries. The guy they had on said this could be one of the worst blunders of this nature in modern history.


My pal John Kerry named an undercover CIA agent by name in senate hearings today. BY NAME and on the record.

I don’t know much about the Condi situation, but wasn’t Rove drawn and quartered just for being accused of this during the campaign?

Didn’t see anything on Foxnews.com?

Can you post a link?

I havent heard anything on this at all other than this one blurb on Dayside with linda vester. It is a possibility, that the guy is still getting some residual contact so the govt has told everyone to not say anything about this yet, even though the Times released his name and then fox news reported on it (i don’t think they mentiuoned his name though?)